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Patient satisfaction survey form- Why it matters

A patient satisfaction survey form is required to learn about your patients’ opinions regarding your healthcare. Many medical facilities are beginning to pay attention to patient satisfaction surveys and patient experience.

According to a recent survey, patient satisfaction surveys are among the top three concerns for more than half of healthcare professionals. So, should you work as a healthcare professional?

What actions should you take to increase patient satisfaction? To answer many more questions like this, we must first comprehend the significance and utility of patient satisfaction surveys.

What is the patient satisfaction survey form?

The patient satisfaction survey forms gauge how well a patient is treated at your medical practice. The phrase “how well” relates to the quality of care provided and a patient’s satisfaction with the treatment received.

It is a quality-of-care indicator that provides healthcare practitioners with vital information on various topics, including their care effectiveness and level of understanding.

While patient satisfaction surveys have always been important, they have lately acquired traction in the healthcare industry.

Patients expect a more significant role in controlling their healthcare after the patient-centered healthcare environment. In addition, they expect their providers to show more dedication and attention.

Why does patient satisfaction matter?

For many healthcare practitioners, improving patient happiness has become a top priority. The reason is simple: patient satisfaction is linked to crucial hospital and individual healthcare professional success metrics.

Patient satisfaction impacts clinical results, patient retention, and reimbursement claims. In addition, patients are now aware of the treatment quality provided by their providers because of the Internet and social media platforms.

Patients are setting new standards for convenience, transparency, and collaboration, and hospitals are devising methods to satisfy these new needs. While admitting the need to enhance patient happiness is a vital first step. 

It helps determine which adjustments will deliver the best outcomes can be difficult. From the time a patient arranges an appointment to when they follow up with a doctor, providers must honestly assess their practice and services. 

During this process, modest and significant changes might improve a patient’s overall experience.

Patient satisfaction survey form with intelyForms:

Yes, it is possible with intelyForms. intelyForms provides a service to create a patient satisfaction survey form with a customized feature. It helps to know about the patient’s point of view about your healthcare organization.

intelyForms are easy to use and design according to your requirements. Whatever fields you want, you can add to them. 

With intelyForms, you can collect information and transmit it to records in the intelyForms account. As a result, you can track, manage, and cultivate customer relationships with one simple platform.

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How to design a patient satisfaction survey form?

Patient satisfaction surveys are essential for assessing service quality and promoting better patient outcomes. It’s also become a big part of the recent push for value-based care.

So, how do you make a survey form for patient satisfaction that is genuinely useful? It’s simple if you follow these basic instructions.

Step 1: Determine what you want to learn about:

Bring your team together and identify potential problem areas in your clinic before you begin when it comes to how to design a patient satisfaction survey. For example, is it possible that patient wait times are excessively long? Is the provider spending enough time with the patients?

Can people obtain access to their medical records and contact the office with questions or requests? It is an excellent opportunity to cooperate with coworkers and offer ideas for growing the company.

Step 2: Create your survey form:

Every company is unique, and every survey is as well. Here are some general guidelines to consider while creating your patient satisfaction survey:

  • Ask questions about frequent aspects of patient satisfaction.
  • Don’t ask binary questions.
  • “Would you tell a friend or family member about us?” is an excellent question to ask.
  • In the end, including an open-ended, generic “comments” area.
  • Keep it short.

Step 3: Select a survey-launching platform:

There are several strategies for obtaining patient satisfaction survey responses, depending on your patient population:

  • Online 
  • By Phone
  • By Mail 
  • In-office

To achieve a strong response, you’ll need to design a plan for publicizing your survey in addition to deciding how to launch it. 

You can upload a mailing list to several online survey systems for easy dissemination. In addition, you can incorporate a paper survey into your clinical workflow if you provide one during office visits.

Step 4: Assess the results: 

If you’re using an online survey provider like SurveyMonkey, the results will be available as an excel file for download. Graphs can then be easily created using tools like PowerPoint or Keynote.

Set aside time to manually enter the findings into a spreadsheet if you utilized a mail-in, phone, or in-office survey.

Step 5: Make Improvements: 

Now that you’ve given your results some thought, it’s time to move on and make changes. First, create a list of the adjustments you’d like to make with your team and a realistic schedule for implementing them.

Recognize that change is never comfortable or straightforward. Prepare to face resistance from your co-workers and think about how you’ll respond.

Consider conducting a follow-up poll to see if things have improved after implementing the modification for a few months. Then, it’s time to rejoice if the data shows progress!

Then, arrange a conference with your team to go over the data and brainstorm solutions to your patients’ problems. If the critique is about an individual employee’s behavior, ensure it’s delivered confidentially and sensitively.


Patient satisfaction survey forms are a beneficial process for every healthcare. It helps to promote the growth of healthcare and its services. Therefore, patient satisfaction is necessary for all doctors and healthcare. 

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Davinci is a research-based contributor for intely, providing content specifically in the Healthcare IT and Digital Health space.

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