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Overall Survival Rates at Bone Marrow Transplant Centers

Bone Marrow Transplant and Stem Cell Transplant are one of the same things. Bone Marrow Transplant is a life-saving procedure to treat different types of cancers. These include relapsed lymphoma, multiple myeloma, acute leukemia, and other health conditions. Although BMT is a complex procedure, it is vital to look for a transplant center with a proven success record. There are many BMT centers worldwide, but the survival rates largely vary. In this article, we will read about the overall survival rates at BMT Centers. 

Bone Marrow Transplants Offered in the Best Centers

While looking for bone marrow transplant centers, you may encounter many options. However, not everyone has a successful transplant rate. The quality treatment of some centers may be lesser than some. Therefore, it is vital to research the best centers with proven success rates and high-quality care. India houses some of the top transplant centers in major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi. Besides this, in the USA, you can find many BMT Centers that have left a mark in the bone marrow transplant field. They are the best because of the latest technology, trained doctors, technicians, and well-equipped hospitals. What makes them the best is their focus to improve the patient’s quality of life by providing the best treatment. In fact, recently, an analysis shows the best Bone Marrow Transplant in the US. with overall high success rates. 

Studies Related to Survival Rates at BMT Centers

The Fox Chase- Temple University Hospital Bone Marrow Transplant is the only adult center for Bone Marrow Transplant in the tri-state area. By Tri-state means Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. According to the analysis, the one-year survival rate is above the survival rate of the second year. 

Fox ranked top because federal law requires all transplant hospitals in the United States to provide patient survival data every year, and Fox stands first. CIBMTR uses this data to calculate the average predicted one-year survival result of transplant patients. Also, risk-adjusted outcomes depend on characteristics such as age, race, donor type, transplant details, and other comorbidities.

CIBMTR ranks each transplant center based on one-year survival rates. Some centers match the average, while those with lower-than-average survival rates are labeled as “underperforming.”

Over-performing centers have one-year survival rates that are higher than the projected average.

Fox Chase’s transplant program was one of only a handful that outperformed in 2019 and 2020. According to this year’s data, the actual 1-year survival percentage for Fox Chase patients having their first allogeneic transplant was 82.1 percent. In comparison, CIBMTR has a 1-year survival rate of 62.4 percent to 79 percent.

But that isn’t all. Patients who have had a bone marrow transplant require ongoing care and assistance even after their transplant and returning home. The best way to achieve that is to take a tailored strategy that ensures caregivers and clinicians in a patient’s community have the information and skills to continue administering the correct post-transplant therapy. 

Choosing the Best Bone Marrow Center

Certainly, the success rate of BMT also depends on the center a patient chooses. A transplant hospital that admits sicker or higher-risk patients is likely to have lower success rates than a transplant clinic that only accepts excellent candidates. A bone marrow transplant can cure some conditions. The outcomes depend on the individual situations. However, when you choose a good hospital and surgeon, the treatment they provide extends your life, improves your life quality, and controls or cures the disease.

You choose the best BMT Center with an internationally trained faculty and ultra-modern infrastructure. It has transfusion services and a state-of-art lab along with an equipped Radiation Oncology unit. When choosing the best BMT Center, make sure to research it properly. If you are still confused about choosing the best BMT Center, look no further than Lyfboat.

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