Omega Celebrates the 65th Anniversary With A ‘NEW’ White Gold Speedmaster

Omega celebrates its 65th Birthday in a usual and predictable way – with a ‘NEW’ watch and collectors couldn’t have been happier. The luxury watch brand welcomes year 2022 with a new iteration of the iconic timepiece- the ‘NEW’ Speedmaster Calibre 321 made of Canopus Gold.

As the moniker reflects, the watch is a part of the brand’s Flagship 321 series and flaunts Omega’s very own variety of white gold: Canopus Gold. This is a specific alloy of 18ct white gold with rhodium, platinum, and palladium. The first Speedmaster launched in 1957- the CK2915 inspires the new model’s design.

For those of you who are impatient to find out the price of the flashy new edition, the key difference between the existing and the latest version is its price difference! So, if you were looking for something new to invest in, we believe that you’ve found your answer.

The All-New Omega Speedmaster in Canopus Gold is a fantastic option that you can invest in today to sell the watches at an impressive value in the future.

Don’t worry; we will give you interesting reasons to spend on one!


  • Bezel

The Omega bezels, as you know, features a tachymeter scale which is most specifically helpful to the racing drivers to track average speed on the track. Not just that, Omega’s Speedmaster model was the first watch ever to feature that characteristic.

For the latest 321 iterations, Omega has done something interesting with the numerals on the bezel. The numerals have black ‘Grand Feu’ enamel filling. This undergoes a challenging process of fusing glass powder into the metal.

Additionally, the bezel features two dots. One is over 90, and the other is diagonal to 70.

  • Dial

For the dial, Omega has used a black onyx dial that beautifully stands out against the vintage Omega logo made with precious metals. Additionally, the 18ct white-gold hands, the three classic Speedmaster dials, and the indexes engraved with the Canopus Gold PVE treatment enhance the appeal.

  • Movement

The new model sees the return of the Calibre 321, which is the same movement used in the 1957 model. For those unaware, this same movement was responsible for powering the watches during the various Apollo missions (6 moon landings, to be exact).

It seems that Omega has decided to go with the tried-and-tested movement to stay true to its original specifications while simultaneously blending with contemporary technology.

The manual-winding movement hosts a Breguet Balance spring, a column-wheel mechanism, and an 18ct SednaTM gold PVD-coated polish. The watch offers a power reserve of 55 hours and has a water resistance of up to 200 feet.

  • Bracelet

The watch comes opposite a Canopus Gold bracelet with a feasible regulation system fabricated into the clasp.

What’s special about the New Speedmaster?

The watch looks magnificent, and the precious metals that go into making this extraordinary timepiece make it look even better. But, what hooks is that one can spot the engraving of the Omega hippocampus through the model’s case back. Since its first Speedmaster, the brand has frequently used this as an icon!

Moreover, for the special 65th edition, Omega has used a blue sapphire eye. This is a traditional jewel chosen mainly for the 65th Anniversary Celebration.

Final Words

Perhaps the most prominent feature update in the new Omega Speedmaster is the rich lustre of Canopus Gold. Omega’s secret formula intends to stretch longevity along with offering brilliant shine.

If you’re a Speedmaster fan, the launch is sort of a birthday present meant for you. All thanks to its Calibre 321. It couldn’t get any better. Moreover, you should be grateful! Amidst the current scenario, you can avail the New Speedmaster watches in any retail store. So, pick them as an investment option today!

Ask why? The craze of a typical Speedmaster has always been high, and the new, fancy Canopus Gold version is sure to drive in a lot of eyes. You can easily sell your watch at a lucrative value in the pre-owned market in the future.

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