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Must-Visit Resorts in Samal Island

All of us have been longing for a place to relax where we can release our stress from work, school activities, and many more. We have different ideal places that we want to visit after a tiring month, which means that some people prefer to watch movies, food trips, and play sports. But if you are a person who likes to relieve your stress and relax by going to a beach resort, then this would be an excellent article for you.

In the Philippines, beach resorts are known for being the best and top tourist destinations of the people. Palawan, Siargao Island, and Boracay are already the most visited places here in the city. But do you know that in Davao City, there’s the best beach resort to visit that “some” people in Luzon or Visayas have yet to discover and notice? Yes, there is! And that is Samal Island.

Samal Island is located near Davao City, and it is already known as the largest resort city in the Philippines (Go, n.d). What makes it unique is that most resorts are budget-friendly and offer many packages that you can choose from. A great deal, isn’t it? I hope you’ll consider this on your bucket list when you visit Davao City soon.


We have different preferred schedules for visiting a resort, but when it comes to Samal Island, I suggest that you consider these months so that you can feel the satisfactory results at the latter.

December and January: These are the best months to visit Samal Island because most of the resorts will give you some good deals. And on top of that, you’ll get to experience how the locals celebrate the essence of Christmas and New Year.

March and August: Samal Island has many festivals that you can book on these months, such as the Igacos Festival, Kabasan Festival, and Hugyaw Madayaw Samal. It is best to visit these festivals so that you can also be engaged with the locals and experience good deals from resorts.


Samal Island is home to many resorts where people can have various options to choose which resort is best for them. However, if you are a tourist and don’t know about the best resorts on that Island, consider these to look and book for in the future.

Paradise Island:

Be amazed by this resort because it’s a white-sand beach fronting Davao City. Not only that, but they also offer some sea activities such as jetski, scuba diving, fish feeding, and many more. Also, suppose you are questioning yourselves about the food. In that case, it’s worth every penny because they offer high-quality food to visitors, which is why clients or foreigners frequently choose this among other resorts.

Peal Farm Beach Resort:

This resort is a must-visit on your bucket list. Many tourists and locals have expressed their satisfaction with this resort because you can feel the natural essence of the beach and how they treat their visitors. So, if I were you, consider this when you plan to visit Samal Island. I promise you that it’ll be worth it.

Maxima Island:

If you are looking for an extreme adventure, this resort is the best for you since it is home to the largest slide that you can find on the Island. Moreover, there are also activities that you can do, such as snorkeling, kayaking, and fish feeding. And if you are questioning why it’s extreme, it’s because of the depth of the sea. But there are trained lifeguards placed on each section so that you’ll be assured of your safety.

These are just some resorts that I can give to you based on my experience; however, there are many resorts on this Island. And most of them are also a great deal on your end. I forgot to mention that your tour will not be completed if you haven’t done an Island Hopping. So, consider this as well in your itinerary, for it will give you the entire tour of the Island. What are you waiting for? Visit Samal Island and enjoy the beauty of Mindanao!

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