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The name that you see on the water bottle in your hand or the purse or wallet you are carrying is a logo. A logo is the brand or company of the product, often written on top of a product. In our lives, we often come across such names. Everything has a logo, from your clothes to furniture, and it is what is sold in the market. Though logo designing has been practiced for decades, how it has emerged is an impressive story. From being simple sketches to a graphic design logo, we have come a long way.

Designing logos is no longer considered difficult when compared to traditional logos. This is because technology has advanced rapidly, significantly automating the log designing process. However, brainstorming to sketch to decide the perfect logo still needs to be done by humans, which usually takes most days. Companies typically hire skilled and experienced designers or a logo designing company to save themselves from greater mistakes or losses. Since the professionals have the experience, they create unique logos that stand out from the crowd while representing the brand identity and conveying the message.

What is a Graphic Design Logo?

Logo designing is an art that needs the utmost attention and creativity to design a stunning logo that meets all the company’s requirements. However, few people consider it an easy task when it is one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks that can make or break a brand. The logo should convey the brand’s message in a simple tone. But how companies achieve, it is a long process. There are different types of logos that help gain a competitive edge: the graphic design logo that companies are increasingly using to add realness to the symbol.

The graphic logos are visual representations of a brand narrating a brand’s story in the simplest ways. It even attracts more consumers than other means of marketing. Customers are no longer interested in reading about brands and their products; instead, they get impressed by a company’s logo that makes them purchase a product or service. Thus, making it extremely necessary to create out-of-the-box logos that keep the audience hooked to its symbol or image. Take the example of Nike. It is one of the most renowned brands that use a graphic logo design to represent its brand. Its swoosh speaks for itself.

Why Should Companies Create a Logo?

The logo design is your brand identity that sells more than word of mouth. We have all heard the phrase “first impression is the last impress,” which perfectly applies here. Seeing the LG design history, most brands have become successful because they have a simple yet stunning logo. Companies are more inclined toward designing unique, timeless, and memorable logos using the least symbols or icons. It even means using simple fonts and a balanced color combination to reach the highest class level. From customers to stakeholders, everyone looks at the logo first. After all, it’s human nature to go after something that pleases the eyes.

Stakeholders invest in companies only when the graphic design logo looks appealing while tick marking the logo element checklist. Companies spend a considerable amount on marketing but fail to realize that marketing stands with a logo. Instead of investing in just social media marketing, they should create beautiful logos that represent their brand. It is necessary to give the company a professional look and summarize what it deals with just a design. Thus, getting creative brings all the attention and profits companies usually look for.

How Should You Start Designing a Logo?

Well, that is a tricky question. But I would say start doing the research work first. It becomes to know about the company in detail, including its goals, mission, values, products, services, etc. This is necessary because every client runs a different business with its functions and objectives. Thus, creating a logo that meets their taste needs extensive research. You can even go beyond this by talking to the clients and learning what they are looking for in a brand. Most companies or developers even ask for samples or inspirations to have a clear idea about what the client wants because nothing beats the happiness of getting the design approved in the first go.

The research provides a sense of direction for a design company making it easier to start sketching with just paper and pen. There is no flow of logical thoughts here, just creative and drawing whatever comes to mind on the pad. Though there are many digital tools or apps available online that have made sketching much easier, we suggest you start on a paper and later move to the apps once you select a few. You can even combine a few designs to create something out of the world. You can sketch everything from just the initial to adding icons or images.

Keep it black and white until you choose a few of the sketches. Move to the editing phase. Here you can add or remove a few things from the rough drawing. We don’t recommend adding color here because you usually drive the developers away from the main message or idea of the logo. Therefore, do not add colors until you don’t decide on the logo.

What are a Few of the Elements to Remember When Designing a Logo?

The graphic design logo revolves around creating simple yet trendy logos that appropriately convey the brand’s message. Still, designers should focus on a few of the main elements for it to be a success.

  1. Simple
  2. Unique
  3. Memorable
  4. Timeless
  5. Balanced
  6. Appropriate colors
  7. Flexible
  8. Strong brand voice
  9. Meaningful shapes
  10. Latest Trend
  11. Right typography
  12. Scalable

Logos have changed how customers look at your brand, making it essential to create beautiful designs that narrate the brand story in the simplest of ways. The graphic design logo is one of its kinds that add life to the brand name, making it look real. Companies have started using 2d and 3d logo that gives it the illusion of movement or coming out of the screen, attracting customers to the brand. Remember it is not necessary to follow the latest trend; design a logo that will stand the test of time.


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