Masters in Asia – 2022: top college, Salaries, careers, Tips and more

Why Masters in Asia

Masters in Asia has been an increasingly popular choice for students looking to pursue enriching postgraduate education. Some of the countries such as India, China, Singapore, UAE and Hong Kong are spending a heavy amount of money on innovating and upgrading their education system. Additionally, these countries are looking to hire more promising international students so that they can make the optimum use of their postgraduate opportunities.

Key Pointers to choose Asia for Masters Study

The following information will help you decide the study location for your choice of master’s degree in Asia.

  • China: Recently, there has been a rise in the rankings of Chinese universities in the Global Rankings. China is working effortlessly to provide world-class education and research facilities to international students.
  • Hong Kong: Hong Kong is considered to be one of the best international hubs for business and higher education which makes it an ideal study destination for international students.
  • India: India is well-known for its higher education in Science. Additionally, with the majority of the courses being taught in English, India is a perfect place to pursue a master’s degree for international students.
  • Singapore: It is the home to some of the most prestigious world-class universities. It is the perfect place to pursue your master’s education if you are an ambitious student willing to pursue a dream career. 
  • United Arab Emirates: UAE has been making a name for itself with the presence of international campuses and excellent local universities. 

Let’s take a look at the highlights of pursuing a master’s in Asia’s top countries i.e India, China, Singapore, UAE and Hong Kong:

Master’s Study in Singapore – Highlights 2022

Top Universities National University of Singapore (NUS)
Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Singapore Management University (SMU)
Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)
International Students 54,000
Course Length  1-2 years
Average Fees 38,700$ (Singapore Dollar)
Academic Year August – July


Master’s Study in India – Highlights 2022

Top Universities Indian Institue of Science
Indian Institue of Technology Ropar
JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research
Alagappa University
Delhi Technological University
Indian Institutes of Management (Various Locations)
International Students  50,000
Course Length 1-2 years
Average Fees  INR 5,00,000
Academic Year  July – May


Master’s Study in UAE – Highlights 2022

Top Universities United Arab Emirates University (UAEU)
Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT)
Zayed University (ZU)
Khalifa University of Science. Technology and Research (KU)
University of Sharjah (UOS)
Abu Dhabi University (ADU)
International Students 250,000
Course Length 1-2 years
Average Fees  AED 50,000 – 75,000
Academic Year  September – June


Master’s Study in China – Highlights 2022

Top Universities Peking University
Tsinghua University
Fudan University
Zhejiang University
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
University of Science and Technology China 
Wuhan University
Southern University of Science and Technology
International Students 225,000
Course Length 2-3 years
Average Fees 20,000 – 60,000 RMB
Academic Year March to January


Master’s Study in Hong Kong – Highlights 2022

Top Universities University of Hong Kong
Chinese University of Hing Kong
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Baptist University
International Students 50,000
Course Length 1-2 years
Average Fees 90,000 – 270,000 HKD
Academic Year September to August


Job Opportunities after Master’s in Asia’s Top Study Destinations


Job Prospects for International Students in Singapore

Profession  Average Salary (in SGD/year)
Dietitian 180,000
Information Technology Manager 160,000
Aerospace Engineer 122,000
Architect 110,000
Mechanical Engineer 95,000
Electrical Engineer 95,000
Civil Engineer 90,000


Job Prospects for International Students in India

Profession  Average Salary (INR/year)
Lawyer 10,00,000
General Manager 15,00,000
Digital Marketer 11,00,000
Journalist 4,00,000
Data Scientist 10,00,000
Insurance Executive 3,00,000


Job Prospects for International Students in Hong Kong

Profession Average Salary (HKD/year)
General Manager 13,30,000 
Digital Marketer 400,000
Business Development Manager 500,000
Sales Manager 650,000
Brand Manager 600,000


Job Prospects for International Students in UAE

Professions Average Salary (in AED/year)
Actuarial Jobs 350,000
Law Jobs 550,000
Human Resources Jobs 250,000
Data Scientist Jobs 450,000
IT Manager Jobs 500,000



It can be concluded from the information provided above that Asia provides an enriching experience both in terms of education and job opportunities. The extensive education system and work opportunities make countries like India, Singapore, China, Hing Kong and UAE the most preferred Asian Countries to pursue a master’s degree.

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