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Kudremukh Trek: Complete Guide


Karnataka is a land endowed with enriching foliage, diverse wildlife, and perfect weather. It is a place that has a balanced blend of heritage and culture with nature, which makes it the dream destination to plan your vacation too. One of the finest places to head to will undoubtedly be Kudremukh. Bestowed with rolling hills under the gloomy clouds. Kudremukh, which means Horse’s face in Kannada, is located in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. 

Situated 310 km away from Bangalore, this blissful paradise is a perfect weekend getaway to get a rushing dose of adrenaline and awaken the lost traveler within you. Kudremukh will surely welcome you with open arms that you won’t wish to get away from. Kudremukh Trek in Kudremukh National Park is one of the most anticipated treks of the year during the monsoon especially by trekkers, as the challenging trail through the forest takes you to the scenic beauty.

What to expect

Kudremukh Trek leads you to an 1874m high peak, which is the third highest peak of Karnataka.

The trail through the forest will introduce you to small streams, wet grasslands, and extremely varied flora and fauna.

The breathing view that keeps getting more picturesque and aesthetically beautiful is what you can expect from this trek. 

Along with such an exciting package this trek offers, it may surprise you at times with heavy rainfall that will drench you badly.

How to reach

The best way to reach Kudremukh is by your vehicle or by taking a public bus to Kalasa. Once you reach Kalasa, take a locally available Jeep to the Forest Office which is around 7kms away, as the road isn’t too developed.  

The trail route

The Kudremukh trek can be vaguely divided into two parts.

The trek begins from the base in Kalasa, from where you have to reach the Forest Office. 

The trek is of 9 kms that has a gradual ascend with an easy hike for 5kms and the later phase of the hike combines the steep ascent along with gentle slopes.

The initial phase of the trail, which is from the Forest Office to Ontimara, will be a gradual ascend through flat land, along the valley with streams that you may spot occasionally. After a good hour of hiking, you’ll enter the dense forest with meadows to sit by. You may also spot animals by the meadows. Two hours into the hike, you’ll surpass the forest and the blissful view of the valley will amaze you. 

The second phase of the trail begins from here, which will make you push your limits and may exhaust you physically. The trek gets steeper as you proceed towards the peak, while you go uphill the view of the peak clears up and the glimpses of it will motivate you to not stop. It is advisable to use a trekking pole as it will aid in walking through the winds. As you proceed into the heart of Kudremukh, the peak welcomes you with a cool breeze and view that will last with you forever. 

You can sit there quietly in the tranquillity of nature and have the best view of the Kudremukh valley once the clouds are humble enough to clear the view for you. Camping in Kudremukh valley is not allowed, and it is mandatory to reach the base by 6:00 pm, you should start to descend by 2:00 pm. 

Important things to note

Try to reach as soon as possible to Forest Office to get permission to hike, as only 50 trekkers a day are allowed inside. It is advisable to reach there by 6:00 am. Do carry a valid Id for feasible registration. The entry fee is 150 Rs and the hiking fee is 200 Rs excluding the miscellaneous charges, therefore it’s better if you carry cash.

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