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Is Amity University Dubai is Good for India Students?

Amity University Dubai

Amity University of Dubai is the largest multidisciplinary university in the United Arab Emirates, committed to providing world-class education and research. Also, their institution is an institution where outstanding teachers, scholars and students can discover. Here are you should know Is Amity University Dubai is good for India students.

Expand the boundaries of knowledge both for their own development and for the wider community. They encourage research and innovation and celebrate success in cultivating an environment that shapes the minds of young people for tomorrow’s leaders.

Services and Facilities at Amity Universities

Laboratories are Prepared to Supply Hands-on Knowledge

The university has advanced laboratories that prepare students for special overseas education and give them a real understanding of their future workplace. Their aerospace and construction laboratories have equipment and machinery. That are not available at any of Dubai’s top universities, and hospitable students also have access to a modern kitchen. Also, other outstanding laboratories available at Amit University in Dubai include the Nanotechnology Laboratory. Also, the Design Studio and the Media Lab with audio and video production. With these advanced labs, students are given a competitive advantage to excel in their future careers.

Students have Right to Use their World Alumni Association

Alumni from a wide range of fields return to Amity University Dubai to talk to their students and give current students the opportunity to join a wide network of alumni and find different perspectives on success.

Campus Life of Amity University Dubai

The Habitation

Everything is available for students to live comfortably in accommodations, including a gym, recreation area, spacious living rooms, a dining room and Wi-Fi.

The Conveniences

They provide a complete environment with an educational building, dormitories and modern facilities, such as an Olympic-sized sports field.

Perfection Centre

Innovation is promoted at Amity University in Dubai. Their perfection center helps students to develop their initial ideas in a sustainable and successful business.

Amity University for Indian Students

Moving to a university is never easy – and if you are an international student who has never lived or seen living in Dubai, the process of moving to a new city can be difficult. They currently have more than 50 nationalities in their student body and have a strong sponsorship system to help you get a place. Once you sign up, during Fresher’s Week you will have the opportunity to meet socially with students and learn more about clubs and communities. You can join in to make the most of life in Amity.

Special Scholarships for Indian Students at Amity University

In order to encourage international students to join Amity University of Dubai. Also, increase the diversity of our student body. Create an intercultural student experience. As a result, Amity University of Dubai offers special scholarships in the form of abroad scholarships for students from different parts of the world:

  1. African Scholarship – 20% tuition discount for all students from the African continent
  2. GCC Bursary – 20% tuition discount for all students coming from all GCC countries
  3. CIS Scholarship – 20% discount on tuition fees for all students from all CIS countries
  4. China Bursary – 20% tuition discount for all students coming from China
  5. India Bursa – 20% tuition discount for all students coming from Indian subcontinent


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