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Increase Organization’s Sales with the Best Route Optimization Software in 2022

New technologies are developing with the increase in demand for automation and optimization. They have not only transformed the agriculture and industrial landscape but are for logistics too. The route optimization software is one of the many trending topics that logistics and are warehousing companies are focusing on these days. One of the most challenging production processes has become a priority. Companies managing the sales and delivery of products to users wanted to make things easier and more efficient. Hence, the technological advancement led companies to research, experiment, and develop new software that cuts down the delivery stress.

Every organization works to cut costs and increase efficiency by optimizing scarce resources. Route optimization provides companies with a safe and easy delivery process that improves operational efficiency and decreases the chances of accidents and delays. Since the delivery of assets is the first thing that a company thinks about, it is one of the essential parts of production. Owners try to lower the delivery cost by finding the safest and shortest route to deliver products to the users. Hence, it increases sales.

What is route optimization software?

Organizations are looking for ways to create smooth and efficient transport plans using software or applications that find the shortest route. These organizations believe the less time a product spends on the route, the higher its sales. Therefore, the software reduces costs, saves time, and uses resources in better-planned ways. Since digitalization has rapidly increased, the logistics company has integrated various software like the route optimization software that makes maximum use of the technology to plan the delivery route, keeping in mind the weather conditions and unpredictable scenarios. Thus, improving productivity and performance.

The software works on the five main features that make the process successful and increase sales. Here are the main features.

  1. Route Optimization

It leverages companies with multi-stop or intersections that help drivers relax and start fresh.

  1. Route Monitoring

Since delivering assets is a challenging task, a strict check and balance is required. Therefore, companies have to trace and track the vehicles once they are out for delivery. This leads to strict monitoring of vehicles and routes to prevent unseen calamities, increasing transparency. Further, it reduces inefficiencies.

  1. Regular Updates

Customers are always eager once they place an order. They eagerly wait until it arrives. Thus, it becomes the responsibility of the company to keep the customers updated with the product location. It often starts to send text messages or emails informing about the product is shipped, out for delivery, on the way, at the doorstep, or delivered. Moreover, it increases user experience leading to more satisfaction that often turns them into loyal customers.

  1. Delivery Proof

When dealing with products or services, companies emphasize maintaining records to avoid any issues in the future. Here, the software provides complete documentation by encouraging customers to sign when collecting the order. Besides this, a few people even take pictures of the package at the delivery spot as proof of delivering the product on time.

  1. Delivery Constraints

The software helps plan the route with certain delivery constraints that might be a hindrance at the time of delivery. Often they revolve around the vehicle, product size, vehicle capacity, etc.

2 Types of Route Optimization Software


  1. Tookan

Tookan, a delivery management platform, enables organizations to align the dispatch operations and boost smooth communication between managers and drivers. Further, it allows customers to track the order in real-time and leverage drivers with automated notifications. The software works in the company’s best interest, helping it to assign, schedule, and optimize transport routes from a centralized place. It even supports third-party app integrations.

Looking at its features, the software provides an administrative dashboard that sends notifications to users and optimizes the fastest delivery services with the shortest and safe roué. Moreover, the company can create end-to-end delivery management. The best part is to manage viewing agent availability with the mobile apps. Furthermore, the managers can review the tasks like delivery time, type of order, location, etc. It even uses actionable analytics to analyze fleet and driver performance. Managers can track the driver’s location and send automated texts to customers about the product status while providing a URL that allows them to track the order themselves.

What could get better than having scanning barcodes, adding note or images options, and gathering digital customer signatures to confirm the order and get feedback. This helps in providing a deeper insight into the user experience. Lastly, the route optimization software supports geofencing, customized templates, and various methods of collecting delivery proof. However, the database needs to get manually downloaded.

  1. Route4Me

Another software, Route4Me, is an advanced and customized delivery route planning platform for organizations, especially among service techs and delivery operations. It enables mileage track, allowing them to document the total distance driven to deliver the products. Above this, users can trace the drivers’ itinerary to prevent fraud. It provides different routes for single-person and multi-person, optimizing particular constraints like avoiding traffic.

After the route is entered, the dispatch route can move customers across courses manually. It is the software that monitors and supervises drivers that drive too fast, collecting data and saving it in the dashboard for the future. Furthermore, it helps compare travel time or map out where the drivers deviated from the original route. It even uses geofencing by setting up parameters around the user’s location, allowing drivers to find the specific location quickly. It even informs customers about the delivery status. Moreover, it collects customers’ signatures on mobile phones to guarantee the parcel is delivered.

In short, it leverages companies with route planning, mileage tracking, order management, customer database, employee management, GPS tracking, and reports. Hence, optimizing routes and multiplying the ROI quickly. However, it does not offer color-coding or optimization.

The route optimization software is a unique way of optimizing the delivery services where businesses can transport the products or services on time, using the shortest routes. The software automatically generates these routes as the fastest and safest ways keeping in mind the unpredicted weather conditions. Organizations emphasize delivering the products on time by spending less time on the road and increasing sales, which helps gain a competitive edge.

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