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How to Reduce Mobile App Development Cost? 5 Tips to Remember

We live in an age where it is impossible, to say the least, to consider our lives without our beloved smartphones or mobile apps. From the time we wake up in the morning until we sleep, we remain engaged with them. This is courtesy of the internet penetration taking place. Hence, not only is it important to channel the advantage of these solutions to one’s personal use but also to make use of them for the business.

Now a question, why are mobile apps so beneficial for entrepreneurial ventures? The reason is that it boosts their visibility and gives them the support to keep the maximum number of customers engaged with the services they provide. It simultaneously also allows employees to accelerate their rate of productivity to a great extent.

Hence, all in all, mobile app development services have a very beneficial value indeed. However, when it comes to engaging in the task, businesses often feel wary. This is because of the cost limitation.

Want to know the prime factors that drive the finances to go up when the task of development takes place? I discuss these in detail and then give you a list of tips that can allow you to smartly keep your budget within check.

So let’s begin.

Factors Responsible for Higher Mobile App Development Costs

Five main factors are predominantly responsible for the costs going up during mobile app development. We have enlisted them below for your convenience.

  • Team strength – The team and the number of people involved will give a purview into the overall costs.
  • Business model – The business model you select plays a critical role in determining the overall finances to be allocated.
  • Platforms – The platforms where you will be launching the app are a prominent factor in giving the purview of the budget.
  • Functionality and design – If the functionality of the solution is difficult to comprehend and if the design is complex, you can be sure that you have to spend more on mobile app development.
  • UI or UX – If the UI (user interface) and the UX (user experience) are too complicated, the costs will automatically go up.

As you may have gauged through, the points above, based on the platforms where you launch the app, and most importantly based on the design you implement, the costs will automatically go up. So the question is how to reduce mobile app development costs. To make this easy for you, we have given five main techniques. Adopt them and see your budget remaining intact.

How to Reduce App Development Cost? 5 Steps to Follow

1. Outsource Your App Development

When you get mobile app development services done in-house, a business needs to invest in a wide array of areas like salary, health insurance, rent, etc. However, if you outsource your project, the costs will be limited to the development part only. Based on the expertise of the provider in the way they build apps, they will save on costs considerably.

2. Identify Hidden Costs – If Any

There are four basic services that a mobile app requires, such as push notifications, administrative services, servers, and most importantly the IT support services such as updates. However, it is important to give preference to these offerings such as data storage, emulator, etc. as well. While doing so; you need to remember that these offerings might increase your budget. Hence, make sure when you get your app developed, you know the cost estimate so you keep this within check smoothly.

3. Develop a Cross-Platform App

As mentioned earlier, when you build apps for separate platforms, it is quite probable of spending erroneously. Thus to keep the budget intact, it is better to develop a cross-platform app. This is because of receiving the flexibility to use a reusable code. Hence, simply through the utilization of frameworks like Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, etc, you can be sure of saving on your finances considerably.

4. Be Agile

Agility has a great array of business advantages especially if considered from the mobile app development perspective. This includes accelerating the pace of development, keeping the budget within control, and most importantly, providing project specifications. Therefore, if you implement the agile technique, you can break down a large app development project into small chunks. This will allow the app owner and the creator to manage minor app issues and allow you to keep finances intact.

5. Keep Testing

To avoid investing time and cost later, keep testing your app for bugs and lapses. This will allow you to ascertain that the user experience delivered is flawless, understand that the app is functioning efficiently, and keep the quality intact at all times. Last, it will also help you formulate that the end solution is secure and free from any forms of cyber threats like hacking, or data theft.

Alongside these five tips, it is also recommended to release a minimum viable product. This means unleashing a working prototype of the app with all the features in place. This follows next by asking users to test them before the final release. This will aid in keeping your budget intact and give you the assistance to check the areas you need to work on and improvise.

Closing Words

Mobile apps have a bright and lucrative future. However, when it comes to mobile app development services, it is critical to focus on the cost area. Especially if you are a startup, you need to focus on this area more. This is because, if not given attention, the venture might end up spending too much. This will prove quite fatal for its overall existence.

So, how do you about keeping the cost intact? By following agile methodologies, keeping the app design as simple as possible, and last; outsourcing the services to a reliable company. This is going to keep your budget intact.

Anita Shah

Anita Shah is a project coordinator at XongoLab Technologies, which specializes in Android and iOS app development and provides mobile app solutions from startups to established businesses. As a hobby, she does blogging and loves to write on the latest mobile technologies, app development, app marketing, startup, business and mobile applications.

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