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How to Open .MBX File in Outlook – Verified Method

In this blog, I’ll show you how to Open MBX File in Outlook using a simple yet effective technique. The simplest method is to convert the MBX file to the PST format, which is supported by Outlook (Personal Storage Table). I’ll go through both a free and a paid strategy to solving this problem.

As we know, MBX files are produced by Eudora, an email software for both Windows and Mac operating systems that is no longer developed. Outlook, on the other hand, saves user data in the PST format, which is supported by MS Outlook. MBX files cannot be opened directly in Microsoft Outlook.

As a result, in order to remedy this issue, users must first convert MBX files to PST format and then import PST into Outlook. To put it another way, I’ll discuss both a free and a paid way for converting MBX to PST so that consumers may fix their problem.

Free Method to Open MBX emails in Outlook:-

Firstly, let’s discuss about the free method to open MBX emails in Outlook. Therefore, these method can be used to open MBX mails in MS Outlook, however it is 100% guaranteed that this method will provide you with accurate results.

Therefore, to Open MBX File in Outlook, Make sure to follow these steps:

1. Firstly, download and install Mozilla Thunderbird on your computer.

2. Next, establish a Thunderbird account to which you may import your MBX files.

3. Right-click on the local folders option and then pick settings from the menu once you’ve set up the account.

4. In the account settings window that appears, go to the local folders tab and select the browse option.

5. Next, select the place where your MBX file will be saved.

6. Restart Mozilla Thunderbird. The emails saved in MBX file will now appear under the local folders menu.

7. Now, set up Gmail account in Thunderbird and drag & drop the MBX emails in the Gmail inbox.

8. After all the emails are copied to the Gmail account, close the Thunderbird account.

9. Then, launch Outlook and configure the same Gmail account that you have used earlier. All the mails that are copied to the Gmail server will be downloaded to your Outlook account.

Limitations of the Free Methods:-

Using Free Methods should be avoided for a variety of reasons:

1. The entire procedure is lengthy and will take a lot of time.

2. If you have corrupted files, then you will not be able to see them.

3. Manual Solutions does not maintain data integrity.

4. High chances of data loss and file corruption.

5. Data might not be the exact same after the procedure.

After learning that Free methods don’t always work, it’s better to opt for a Professional Solution in order to convert MBOX to PST format.

Professional Method:-

To Open MBX File in Outlook, you’ll need third-party software, as I previously indicated. As a result, there are a number of options for doing this process for you, but choosing reliable and secure software is quite tough. As a result, the MBOX Converter Tool will be your best option. It will solve the problem without making any mistakes, and the data integrity and folder structure will be retained even after the process is over.

The nicest part about this tool is that it works with all versions of Microsoft Windows. Along, with that it allows users to export their MBX mailboxes to various other file format as well.

Some Amazing Features of this Software:-

Export MBX emails to Outlook PST:-

This application allows users to export MBX data file into Outlook PST. Moreover, it also allows users to convert .mbox, .mbx, and MBOX without extension in PST for Outlook as well as other saving formats.

Windows Compatible:-

This tool is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system. It does not matter which version the user is utilizing to resolve this problem. This application will work on any device. It works with Windows 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and XP, as well as the previous versions.

Generates Export Report:-

After exporting MBX files into the required file format, therefore the software generates an export report which includes all details of the export process. However, users can also save their export report in CSV and HTML format for the future reference.

Maintains Data Integrity:-

This tool maintains data integrity and folder structure through out the process. It assures users that their data will be exactly same after the procedure. It also manages data originality even after the operation.

Free Version:-

The free version of this tool allows users preview the data and export only 25 items from each folder. However, if the user is satisfied with the results, they may purchase the licensed edition of this software.

Final Verdict:-

In this blog, I have stated that in order to Open MBX File in Outlook, users first need to Convert their MBX mails to PST format, which is supported by Outlook. Moreover, there are both free and professional method available. However, free methods are lengthy and takes a lot of time to process and it is also not guaranteed that it will provide you with accurate results.

Hence, it is better to utilize the Professional method that I have mentioned in this blog. It allows users to save their MBX mailboxes into multiple file formats and along with that the whole procedure will be done in few mere minutes.

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