How to Migrate EML Mailbox into Outlook – In Bulk

An EML file is an email message extension. The EML file contains the message’s content, sender and recipients, date and time, and so on. EML files from Windows Live Mail contain plain ASCII text for the headers and main message body, as well as hyperlinks and attachments. To migrate EML mailbox into Outlook in bulk. Use software for non-technical users to convert EML files.

Manually Import EML Files into Outlook

  • In Windows Live Mail, select the File tab. Now, highlight the Export option and then email.
  • After you’ve completed the preceding steps, select MS Exchange as your export option. Next, click the button.
  • Following that, a pop-up appears informing you that all of your emails must be exported to either MS Outlook or Microsoft Exchange. Click the OK button.
  • You must now import all of your email folders or select only the appropriate folders that you require in order to export the files via a specific folder.
  • When you’re finished with this step, click OK. You must now allow the export process to complete successfully.
  • When your export complete wizard prompts you.

Reasons for Manual Procedure Failure

The traditional or manual methods do not always work. As a result, other means are required. However, the following are the most important reasons why you should use other factors.

You may have a high risk of losing your data because there is no guarantee that the data before migration will be the same after migration. Unfortunately, using manual methods, emails rarely transfer EML files to Outlook 2019.

The entire manual process is slow and monotonous. Users frequently have a large number of EML files that they would like to open in Outlook. If this is the case, the manual method will require a significant amount of time as well as strenuous physical labor.

Furthermore, you are on the verge of losing your SMTP headers. The previously placed stratagem may modify your SMTP header portion of the EML file. Along with the header, there could be changes to the meta properties in your EML files. If you are working on computer forensics and the very character of the EML file is seriously damaged. This could become a critical or server problem.

Disadvantages of the Manual Method

Using the Outlook express application, migrate EML Mailbox into Outlook 2016. This procedure has some drawbacks, which are listed below:

  • It does not allow you to bulk import files into Outlook.
  • Images and attachments aren’t imported.
  • It takes a significant amount of time and human effort.
  • Data integrity and folder hierarchy are not maintained, and there is a fear of data loss.

Alternative Method to Migrate EML Mailbox

You can directly move EML files to Outlook with the help of a third-party utility. PCVITA Software’s EML to PST Converter is the best utility on the market. This is professional software that offers the most effective way to transfer EML files to Outlook 2019.

  • It can convert EML files to a variety of file formats such as HTML, PST, MBOX, PDF, and others.
  • This tool transfers EML files as well as images and attachments.
  • Allows the user to view header details in a variety of preview modes.

Let’s finish up.

It has been observed in the preceding lines that the manual methods are time-consuming and do not support the bulk import of EML files. The data integrity is seriously damaged, and the entire dataset is not imported. It is preferable to rely on a professional solution to migrate EML Mailbox. Which would ensure bulk file import with data integrity.

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