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How to Join Outlook PST Files – Instant Solution

Taking lots of PST files in Microsoft Outlook account is all the time a headache to manage them frequently. In fact, large PST files are one of the primary causes for the corruption of Outlook files. To overcome data loss or corruption and data security problems, the PST merge is the only option. Users can merge two PST files in outlook 2016 either by any third-party PST Merge Software or a few manual methods. In this write-up, I have deliberated PST files, it’s importance, and how to join Outlook PST files in Outlook within a few easy steps.

Need to Combine Outlook PST files

Microsoft Outlook is one of the popular email applications that is enormously used by small and large businesses for the exchange of detail. No doubt, each day users receive and sends numerous files and it can outcome in data loss or manage risk. So to control this problem, it is essential to join Outlook PST data files for simple searching and management purposes.

Another cause for joining your old or archived PST files is the email account connected with Microsoft Outlook users can build up more than one email account on this email application. Every email account has its own PST file linked to the account as a data file. Several PST files are generated for numerous email accounts that reason the complete jumble of work and make Microsoft Outlook slow.

Nowadays, the question arises, how to merge two PST files in outlook 2016. Consequently, here are the solutions to join or merge PST files, but before that, the user’s necessity to know about the importance of PST merge is explained below:

Benefits of Joining PST files

  • Superb Speed: If the PST files are well-managed, then it speeds up the finding and recovering procedure due to which users never essential to wait a long time to open a single file.
  • Well-Maintained PST Files: Once the PST files get arranged after using the combining procedure, then it becomes simple to handle or manage.
  • Multi-Collection of PST Files: Using the PST Merger tool, users can simply gather completely the PST files from different destinations in one place for simple access.
  • Instant Transferring: Merge PST files process assists to transfer all PST files into a new updated MS Outlook version quickly.
  • Clean Extra Occupied Space: After the PST Merge procedure, the space busy by the PST file mechanically gets reduced by deleting duplicate PST files. Therefore, the procedure quality gets increases and frees up used space by the PST files.

Fast and Trustworthy Solution to Join PST Files into One

Outlook does not have a built-in function that can be used to join Outlook PST files. However, few indirect methods are available that can assist you to do the same. But the task is very time-taking and needs technical expertise. The manual task fails to merge numerous PST files. To whole this task proficiently, users can use the PST Merge Software developed by SoftwarePro. This tool is fully safe and provides an easy user interface for non-technical users.

This tool makes it for the users to join numerous PST files into one without troubling with a single error. It works well with all versions of MS Outlook. This tool originates with new and progressive numerous features that make it the best than other utilities in the market. Now, let’s see how it works.

Steps to Merge Multiple PST Files into One File

  • Finally, Download and install the PST Merger software and add .pst files.
  • After that, select an option: Join PST files or Merge PST Files
  • Next, choose the folders to merge and select merge in new PST, Existing PST, or Outlook Profile as
  • Then, Choose the items users want to merge like Mail, Contact, Task, Notes, Calendars, and Journals.
  • Finally, Check the Skip Duplicate Items and select the data fields to remove duplicates. Press the Next button.

Concluding Words

Joining Outlook .pst files into a single one is the top method to do this. Here, we deliberated the greatest and greatest effective method to merge PST files into one using a manual and automated solution. The free method is quite lengthy and needs technical experts to whole the task. So, this is advisable to try the automated application that lets you join multiple PST files into one. Users can try its free demo edition that permits you to combine the first 15 items of every folder of the PST file.

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