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How to download Instagram’s photos and videos for all devices by sites – simple and free!

Instagram is visible as one of the most influential social media withinside the international, alongside Tik Tok, Facebook,… It is full of breathtaking experiences and beneficial content for users. That’s why users want to download Instagram’s photos and videos which includes story, reels, and IGTV.

Instagram (IG) is similar to a streamlined version of Facebook, with a focal point on mobile use and image sharing. You connect to different users in the same way that you do on different social networks by following them, permitting others to follow you, commenting, liking, tagging, and personal messaging. You may additionally keep the photographs you view on Instagram.

Showing your photos, videos on stories, reels, and IGTV and getting more followers or supporters to reinforce your nonpublic brand. Instagram has grown to be an appropriate desire to have large fame. The world of Instagram is an imitation of showbiz wherein everyone looks much more pretty and glittery. Most of the content will be passed without difficulty, so clients can save, download photos, videos from stories, reels, or IGTV for the sake of retaining them forever. 

Sites to download Instagram photos, videos

One of the simplest methods for users to download IG photographs and videos from stories or reels is to use download websites. SnapInsta is a superb concept for saving Instagram stories and reels by simply inputting the URL of what consumers wish to store.

SnapInsta – Instagram Downloader

Downloading Instagram photos without difficulty via website

Saving photos from Instagram is what users want to keep recollections or useful and significant content on their devices. Is it possible to satisfy the needs of users? The answer is absolutely yes. It is highly recommended that using the web is one of the most effective ways to download photos from IG posts to your personal computer. Simple and easy to use is what we aim for 

                                                                            Photos downloader

Instagram Photo Download with SnapInsta

Just through a few trouble-free steps, you can easily download photos from Instagram (IG) that you want from SnapInsta.

 Instagram stories

Story is a well-known feature of social media platforms Snapchat, Facebook, IG,… Snapchat started this trend with Snapchat Stories, and Instagram quickly followed suit. 

Instagram Stories is very popular allowing users to post photographs and videos on their Story, which is viewable to other Instagram users who follow them. A gradient border surrounding the user’s profile photo indicates recently-posted Stories. Instagram Stories, like Snapchat Snaps, expire after 24 hours. 

How to download stories from IG?

As a result, users will be required to save the tale they desire. And Instagram story downloader – SnapInsta will be able to help you to download stories to your devices. 

download stories on IG

Instagram story downloader with best formats for free – SnapInsta

Instagram downloads reels:

Similar to Tik Tok, Instagram reels allow users to make short clips or films on IG. You can use Reels to make films that are less than 15 seconds long, with options for adding text, stickers, background music, and effects… And don’t forget to share it with your followers.

And this is seen as Facebook’s effort to compete with Tiktok for market share, particularly among Gen Z.

Web to save IG reels: 

Instagram Reels Video Download – SnapInsta is a reels downloader that is widespread among users. Only through a few steps, you can save the reel that you want to your personal computer.

Saving Instagram reels

Keeping IGTV from Instagram to your devices:

Instagram’s very own video social network, IGTV, is only for vertical video ups and is an instantaneous competitor to Google’s YouTube.

On your smartphone, you could without a doubt seek and think about videos using IGTV, and Instagram has added numerous skills that YouTube lacks. Although Instagram has said that users can be capable of publishing longer videos, the default period can be 10 minutes. Longer videos will be published through later accounts with more followers.

So IG’s users are wondering whether IGTV can be downloaded or not? Of course, it is yes. Through the site: IGTV video downloader with best formats for free. Users can save any IGTV that they want to store to their PC. 

Downloading IGTV from IG

Please note:

Those sites below all have the same ways to use: You just need to enter the link of what you want to download: photos, videos, reels, and IGTV from Instagram to the search bar of the web and tap the download button and you can download the Instagram image or video that you want.


So now you know how to download Instagram’s photos and videos including stories, reels, and IGTV easy, and completely free! If you find our article helpful to you, share it with everyone around you. Thank you for following the article.

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