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How to Create a Backlink Magnet in SEO

Are you interested in improving your SEO rank? Do you want to create links from authoritative websites in a short time? Link building is an essential element of SEO. It’s likely to be more difficult than on-page SEO since it’s not completely in your hands. It’s necessary to conduct lots of outreach in order to acquire these hyperlinks. If you’re not a fan of scalability, there’s another option to consider – making an online link magnet.

What is a link magnet?

Link magnets are an item of content that is distinctive and rich in details that it can attract backlinks naturally. You may need to push it around a bit however all it takes is a little push. Once it has that push, it will begin to generate natural links with no effort in the long run.

This will help you save time and money because instead of spending lots of time creating backlinks, you can instead focus on creating more valuable products and content.

To get these backlinks to your site To get these backlinks, you must create the proper link magnet. Many people do this incorrectly. This is the reason I’m going to share a step-by step procedure for making the link magnet. You can check it out right today…

Do tons of research

The easiest method of determining the content that will draw links is to determine the content that are already getting backlinks. You can use an SEO tool such as Moz and SEMRush as well as Ahrefs and enter the keywords you may be ranked for, and then see what your competitors are ranking for them, and the number of backlinks they have. The tool will allow you to get a clear idea of the types of content is attracting these backlinks.

Make notes to determine whether this is an article on a blog or an infographic news item that is full of research done by the author. Insist on as much detail as you can. For instance, if the post is a blog article, make sure you know if it’s a lengthy post or a brief one.

You must take an inventory of the kinds of sites connecting to these sites (and the authors linking to them) as well. Your content must impress them to get the chance of getting a link.

Also, look at the bids that people are placing for these keywords. All the effort you invest to build backlinks and increase your ranking should result in an excellent return on investment in the near future.

If you’ve created the same piece of content that has worked for you previously then you can check your analytics to find out whether it has converted into sales or leads. Google Analytics has a feature that can to calculate this information automatically.

Make the magnet for the link

The next thing to do is to use the research above to design an attractive link. Your link magnet must be of top quality for you to be able to outdo your competitors and gain all the backlinks. Also, put in the creation of your own piece of material. If you’ve got the knowledge needed to write this piece of content you could create it. In the event that you don’t, you must seek out an expert to make the most effective version for you.

According to my experience, the most effective link magnets are infographics that are paired with blog posts of a long form. This is due to the fact that Google prefers to rank content that is long. If you just create an infographic, you’ll get backlinks and this will boost your authority, however the infographic won’t rank. Also, make sure to accompany it with an article of 2000 words or more article to make it rank.

The most effective way to produce each piece of content is to engage writers and designers. However, if you’re pressed for time , you can make these yourself. A variety of design tools allow you to easily make an infographic. It is possible to write the text on your own, however you may want to engage an editor to help improve your writing.

Be sure to include plenty of information in your infographic. You should also present it in easy-to-read graphs, as people prefer to hyperlink to information that is based on information. If you can, conduct your research and discover this information. If not, you could use research conducted by companies and institutions that have already discovered this data.

Promote it

When you’ve published your content, you must give it the push. A little push can be helpful. You don’t need to conduct massive outreach campaigns. Begin by searching for the leading magazines that link to the websites of your competitors and then ask for them to link to yours. When a major publication has shared some of the statistics you have collected from your website and it becomes more popular, more websites are joining in and linking to your site.

Then, you can relax to watch your links pour in. If you’d like for it to be a hit and gain more backlinks, then you can continue to promote it.


This is the step-by step process for creating a magnet. Make use of it if you wish to draw more links but with smaller amounts of outreach to allow you to concentrate on producing superior products and content. For more information about us, get in touch with us best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi.

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