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How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

The subject of household work has become a bone of contention between partners in the digital age today. Quite frankly, nobody wants to go through tedious cleaning routines and in India, since there is house help, you probably haven’t really given a vacuum cleaner a second thought. It’s about time you did. A few years ago, you may have thought of vacuum cleaners as bulky, loud contraptions that you thought you couldn’t handle. Now, it is a different story when you see slim models of vacuum cleaners with the latest technology. 

These are appliances from top brands like Dyson, Black and Decker and Panasonic. Vacuum cleaner use has risen because of the latest vacuum cleaners that ensure you a cleaning process that the most efficient house help cannot compete with. You can fall head over heels in love with the new vacuum cleaners you get at the Bajaj Mall today. You will be pleasantly surprised at how well they clean and keep you and your family healthy.

Vacuum Cleaning Benefits

The best vacuum cleaners you can purchase, especially when you buy any vacuum cleaner online, come with benefits that spell good health. For starters, your house becomes spic and span with a vigorous cleaning from a machine that is technologically advanced. The cleanliness and hygiene that results from cleaning with a vacuum cleaner are far better than physical human cleaning. Vacuum cleaners are designed to reach every corner of a home, eliminating allergens, dust mites and other harmful pollutants. If left in homes, these compromise health and you can get allergies and other health problems. 

Furthermore, when you clean with a vacuum cleaner, you are assured of speedy function. You can also buy hand-held vacuum cleaners to clean upholstery, window sills etc. and floor ones to sweep and mop. Besides this, most vacuum cleaners come with several attachments suiting small to large cleaning jobs around the home. You can now purchase vacuum cleaner on EMI at the Bajaj MAll and win cashback and more! 

Make Your Choice

As is the case with any home appliance, there are some relevant considerations while shopping for a vacuum cleaner. Apart from thinking about the benefits they offer, you have to think of other aspects. You can find your perfect match by following these handy tips.

  • Types Available – Major brands, from Dyson and Black and Decker to Eureka Forbes make the best vacuum cleaners for sale in India. You also get some nice ones from Panasonic. Vacuum cleaner shopping entails that you browse different brands and the models they offer. You get many different types, from the commonly used canister with an array of attachments, to the upright ones for large homes. Upright cleaners are good for large floor spaces but don’t tackle areas under furniture well. 

Among the canister types, the Phillips Power Pro FC 9352/01 is a popular model. You also get hand-held vacuum cleaners, and Black and Decker makes the best models. If you want a completely hands-free experience, choose any of the new robotic remote-controlled kinds from Eureka Forbes. The trendiest ones today come from Dyson. These are stick models, with various extensions and are portable, slim and easy to use.

  • Your Flooring – The kind of flooring you have will influence your vacuum cleaner online purchase. With tiles and marble on most Indian floors, canister vacuum cleaners are the best. If you have a blend of bare surfaces and carpet, choose a vacuum cleaner that includes a brush roll.
  • Housing Levels – Some people live in duplexes or houses that consist of multiple levels. In this case, you need a vacuum cleaner that is portable, yet offers different functions. For such versatility, you should get a stick vacuum cleaner model. It is lightweight and doesn’t need a plug connection so you can move it around. 
  • Any Allergies – If anyone in your family has allergies due to dust, you should get a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Such a machine will capture particulate matter, making the exhaust air cleaner than that taken in by the vacuum cleaner. 

Get the Best Models

There are many other considerations you need to give importance to when you buy a vacuum cleaner online from the Bajaj Mall. These include the noise factor and the cost, among other things. You can make your selection effortlessly on the Bajaj Mall with a massive variety on offer. You can purchase your favourite model on No Cost EMI by utilising the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card.

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