How not to lose your keys again?

Every day, hundreds of people call on locksmiths for various unfortunate reasons: burglary, purse-snatching, etc. But one of the most common reasons is forgetting the key at home, in the office, in a shop. So how do you not forget your keys and contact a locksmith Tampa?

It requires training, regular practice, and sharp reflexes. Or it is not depending on the system you use to avoid losing your keys.

We will first see how to stop slamming your door without having your keys in your pocket, then how to keep them on you without misplacing them throughout the day.

Following this article, you will no longer have an excuse to find yourself in front of your closed door, trying to convince it to open.

Never forget your keys at home

One of the best ways to avoid misplacing your keys around the house and not wasting your time looking for them is always to put them in the same place. Of course, easier said than done, but for that, you need to dedicate a place (work plan, living room, vegetable drawer) or a container to them. A basket, the pretty clay ashtray that your child gave you for your birthday (“It’s not an ashtray? It’s a plate? Thank you, my darling”), will be ideal receptacles in which you will put every day your precious sesame. Finally, a use for this dreadful ash… plate, it’s a plate.

  • Put your keys on the door as soon as you get home. This way, you won’t be looking for them when you leave, especially if you close your door when you’re at home, which will force you to open it when you leave. This way, it becomes complicated (but not impossible) to forget your keys when going.
  • Some key doors respond to whistling. These objects will be practical for those who are head in the air and will then be able to seek their keys with the noise they will make by reacting to the whistle. It may be preferable not to take this keychain to a concert. However, if, unfortunately, there was a whistled piece, it would also react. The good news is that you haven’t lost your pass—only your input.
  • A big flashy keychain, ideally displayed in a place near your front door, can be practical so that you don’t have to look for them.

Never losing your keys again means never forgetting them!

No more losing your keys outside the house

  • To avoid losing your keys outside your home, a good way is to hang them on a chain attached to your pants. If the Hells Angels do it, it’s so they don’t have to call their mother when they’ve lost their keys. They would be scolded. And the Hells Angels don’t get scolded since they don’t lose their keys.
  • An alternative to the chain is the carabiner.

IT to the rescue

  • Specific applications on smartphones and tablets make it possible to geolocate particular objects. You generally have to download the application, stick a sticker or a QR code on your keys, and your application will be able to determine where they are, thanks to a signal.
  • Some QR codes work the other way around: If someone finds your keychain, by scanning the QR code, they will send information to the email address you have configured, or you can retrieve their email address or even their phone number. Telephone if he has informed him, to join him and recover your keys finally.

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