How can I sign up to the spectra net MiFi?

How can I sign up to the spectra net MiFi?

Effortless Spectra net Internet Subscription!

 Spectra net prides itself in being the first Internet service provider to introduce 4G LTE internet services in Nigeria. Spectra net provides a wide range of data plans that are affordable to allow everyone to have high-speed internet regardless of budget.How can I sign up to the spectra net MiFi

JumiaPay provides you with the convenience to pay for your Spectra Internet plans with no hassle! There is no need to relocate from where you are; JumiaPay allows you to make a simple and quick payment for your plan of choice wherever you are. It is possible to recharge online in just a couple of steps and be able to access your data plan within a matter of minutes. JumiaPay is available at all times and allows you to recharge account balances on Spectra internet account, and then pay the plan you prefer at any time and from wherever. Don’t bother having to visit physical shops to pay, and enduring lines; save time and effort by using JumiaPay.

Zero Convenience Fee – Make your money by using JumiaPay

JumiaPay doesn’t charge customers a convenience fee or service fee. Making payments to purchase the Spectra net plan through JumiaPay will save you 100 N every time!

Renew or Refill – The Choice is Yours

JumiaPay lets you extend your existing Spectra net plan without hassle. You can also replenish account Spectra net account with the preference of amount, meaning it is possible to recharge any plan you want to.

Paying for Your Spectra net Plan Takes a Few Easy Steps:

Log in or sign up using your email address, along with your password

Click Internet in the menu of services.

Select Spectra net

Enter your customer ID.

If you’d like to renew your current plan, choose’renew account’. If you’d like to add funds to account balances on Spectra Net account in order to purchase a plan, choose’refill account’ and type in the amount you would like to add

Make the payment using either your debit card, or bank account via our secure payment platform.


Does spectra net use SIM card?

We hope that this guide was easy to follow and hopefully, we’ve been capable of guiding you through the procedure of unlocking your Spectra Net MiFi modem. Now you are able to begin using the device with any sim card your preference.

Like most modems found in Nigeria, Spectra net MiFi Modem is a Huawei MiFi device that is utilized by a majority of the network operators in Nigeria to provide the fast 4G network that is lightning-fast and their users.

The most commonly used Huawei modems by the networks in Nigeria is the MTN E5573 320 variant and it’s Spectra net e5573 model 606. It is possible to connect another network sim card in these devices once you unlock the modem, except Glo sims in the MTN E5573 320 version. After unlocking the Spectra internet MiFi modem gives you access to the possibility of using unsupported SIM cards on it. You’ll need to download modem unlocking application and other drivers in order to unlock it.

How do I unlock Spectra net modem

Learn the following steps to find out how to unlock the Spectra net MiFi modem.

Step 1 Before starting, ensure that your Spectra Net Modem drivers are on your PC and that it’s up-to-date. If you’ve not installed it then you must start installing it.

Drivers are required to allow your computer full access to the modem. The best method to ensure that you have the drivers installed is installing both them on your computer. Huawei mobile partner and Hi Link drivers.

Step 2 Once you’ve completed the above steps you can download the latest firmware version of Huawei E5573s-606 by clicking this link: Download another Huawei E5573s-320 firmware from this link: Go to this link to download the Universal Master Code generator: Go to this link to download the Huawei Code Calculator:

Make sure to connect your modem with your computer using its USB.

Unzip then unzip the Universal Master Code generator and start it. Enter the IMEI of the modem in the field in the application. Click at the Calculate tab in order to create a flash password or code.

Copy the flash code or password that you have generated into your clipboard.

Unzip the first Huawei E5573s-606 firmware that you downloaded, and start the file. The file name should be something like this, “P711S-E5-update_21.”

If you need to enter a password Enter the flash code/password that you copied earlier to create the password.

If all is well then the firmware will update automatically and the drivers will also be installed. It will take a while for this process to be completed.

Click the Read tab to generate a second unlock code. The code will appear in the output field. Keep track of the unlock code as it is generated.

Then, go to the second firmware version of Huawei E5573s that you downloaded earlier as well as unzip it. Install the setup file for the firmware.Be patient for the procedure to be completed.

Once these steps are complete after which you can access the web interface for your Huawei mobile service provider. In the settings menu, choose the network settings. A pop-up asking you to enter your unlock code will pop up.

Enter the unlock code generated using this calculator. Huawei code calculator to unlock your modem.

Now , your device is has been unlocked and is ready to use.

Is spectra net fast?

Spectra net offers affordable rapid, speedy, and reliable broadband internet services for individuals families, students professionals, business enterprise etc. for a price that is unbeatable. As an initial ISP in Nigeria, Spectra net slogan is” pay light to download heavy”. 

You’ll be able determine on your own in the end which is more speedy, has a strong connection with coverage, and affordable and reliable.

Brief History of Spectra net Internet Service in Nigeria

The Spectra net broadband service provider was one of the very first ISP to establish the dazzling 4G LTE service in Nigeria and also received the license to operate by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in 2009.

As one of the very first ISP in Nigeria, Spectra net slogan is” pay light to download heavy”. Its services are currently accessible at Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Ibadan.

Spectra net Internet Service Provider

It is no doubt that smile first came into existence six years following Spectra net, however each of the internet service provider (ISPs) have achieved good reputation in the telecoms industry.

Spectranet gained a reputation for itself through the establishment of an environment of customer satisfaction and, as a result, was a major ISP within Lagos and in large part of Nigeria.

However, Smile Networks entered the ever-growing Nigerian telecoms industry in 2014, and is doing well in expanding its coverage of the major cities, while swiftly retaining its position as a major company in Nigeria.

We ran a number of tests using both networks, and analyzed their coverage, speed as well as connectivity and reliability by using identical Mifi devices made by Huawei.

So, let’s do the time to look at a quick comparison between Smile and Spectra internet Internet providers, based on the results we have gathered from the tests that we performed.

1. Coverage

As part of the test on coverage, we took Berger, Ikeja, Yaba, Lekki, Victoria Island and Ajah (all located in Lagos State) as a case study.

When it is about National coverage, Smile is the clear winner. There are Smile Networks in all most of the states that are major in Nigeria.

In reality in Lagos alone there are numerous locations where there isn’t a single broadband internet connection, besides smile networks.

2. Speed

Regarding speed we have conducted a variety test of speeds between Smile Networks and Spectra net Internet Provider, and Smile is the fastest or has the fastest speed.

In all six locations that we visited in the course of two ISPs assessments and tests, Smile works very well. Its speed is extremely high and is even more consistent the speed of Spectra net.

3. Reliability

Based on my personal experience, both Smile Networks and Spectra net service LTE Networks are reliable when it comes to service availability or network service.

4. Customer Support

Regarding online customer support based on of issues related to the internet, the two Networks were a little sloppy since they don’t provide over-the-phone suggestions.

Each Smile and Spectra web representatives will always insist that the complainant visit their service centers to file the complaint.

5. Price of the device

Spectra Internet service provider offers a less expensive bundle option on the case of both Multiuser and Mifi devices compared to the options smile offers.

The Multiuser device available on Spectra net comes loaded with a massive 120gb data at a rate of N27,500. There is also the MIFI device with a capacity of 70gb, at a cost of N23,500.

6. Subscription plan

Each of the two brands offers several subscription plans.

Two ISPs also provide plans for daytime, nighttime (6 from 6 pm to 7 am) Unlimited plans for 24/7 and Night-only unlimited plans.

The most well-known subscription plan offered by Spectra network is their 30Gb Mega Valueplan, with unlimited night time browsing along with 25GB of data at a cost of N10,235.

Smile Network’s most well-known and frequented data plan is the 30 GB plan that is sold at a cost of N8,000.

Bottom line

In the end, Smile and Spectra net remain the two services most frequently used and most significant high-speed internet providers in Nigeria which provide high-quality internet connectivity.

They’re both mobile, very practical, and safe to use indoors. While some individuals may like choosing one over the other, be aware that it’s just a the matter of preference.


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