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It’s crucial to go beyond the bed when searching for a superior bunk bed manufacturer to furnish your hostel or other hospitality company. There are many factors to consider, the first of which is that a bunk bed meant for 12-year-old Tim and his younger brother will not suffice for your new hostel furniture.

When looking at hostel bunk bed design, there are a few more things to consider.


Because up to 90% of furniture in furniture shops is built for the domestic market, you’ll need to be picky when it comes to hostel bunk bed designs. The bunk beds you choose will have to withstand a continual bombardment of primarily adult bodies as visitors arrive and go, so they must be sturdy.

Look for hostel bunk bed designs made of aluminium rather than wood. Wooden bunk beds should be avoided if you live in a temperate area that fluctuates with the seasons. The cold and heat cause wood to expand and shrink, putting strain on the joints. The beds will eventually wriggle, making them unstable and dangerous.


Another factor to consider when choosing a hostel bunk bed design is the overall stability of the structure. The majority of bunk beds are doubles, with one mattress on top and one below. You want to provide your visitors the strongest frames possible so that they don’t feel insecure if they stumble to the higher bed in the middle of the night.


Look at how simple it is to put up the bunk beds if you’ve picked a metal frame style. If you own a hostel, you’ll need a lot of bunk beds, so having a simple but secure construction process is critical to ensuring your guests’ comfort and safety.


Go view the bunk beds at a factory showroom while you’re looking at several bunk bed manufacturers. Lay down on one of the beds if you are physically able to do so. Does it squeak a lot?

Consider how your springs, frame, or mattress will sound to your visitors if they make a lot of noise. Look for a hostel bunk bed design that ensures little squeaking so that your visitors can have a good night’s sleep.


Bed bug infestation is a reality of life for the hostel owner due to high turnover of bedding. Look for manufacturers of hostel bunk beds that tackle the problem of bed bugs front on. Some mattresses come with a warranty that they are bed insect resistant, so you’ll still have to be watchful, but you may relax about the danger.

When studying hostel bunk bed design, it is critical to consider all of these factors in order to genuinely serve your visitors and deliver outstanding hospitality.

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