Headstones Chicago was founded in 1833, with about 200 people

Headstones Chicago was founded in 1833, with about 200 people living there at the time. It became a city in 1837. It was the fastest-growing city in the world 

Graceland is a cemetery that dates back to the Victorian era

It was built in 1860. Lincoln Park was the city’s graveyard at the time. Bodies were moved to Graceland from Lincoln Park in 1871. A fire broke out in Chicago, and it was taken down after that. Ira Couch is buried in the “Couch tomb” in Lincoln Park. This may be the oldest building in Chicago that hasn’t been destroyed by fire because everything else was destroyed. Lincoln Park was later turned into a place for people to play.

Graceland’s landscaping was typical of the Victorian era. There was more emphasis on park-like settings with room for picnics, and there were a lot of memorials in the middle of them. Ossian Cole Simonds, a well-known landscape gardener at the time, came up with the idea for the cemetery.

At Graceland, there are a lot of tombs that are interesting in Headstones Chicago

The Getty Tomb and the final resting place of George Pullman. In 1897, he died of a heart attack when he was 66. People in his family were afraid that his former employees or other supporters might dig up his body, so they took extra care in order to make sure this didn’t happen. His coffin was lined with lead and buried in a block of concrete so that it could not be opened. Afterward, the coffin was covered in asphalt, tar paper, and more concrete. The pit at his family grave had reinforced concrete at the bottom and walls. People had to be buried for two days before the whole process was done.

It is the largest cemetery in headstones in Chicago

It spreads over 350 acres. In the beginning, it was supposed to be called “Roe’s Hill,” but a City Clerk made a mistake and changed it to “Rosehill.” It was named after the farmer who sold the land to the city. The largest mausoleum in Chicago can also be found in this place. It was built in 1914, and it has two levels that are almost entirely made of marble. They are made of Carrara marble from Italy. Carrara marble is very good and has been used for sculpting and building for a long time. In Italy, it is mined in the city of Carrara and has been used since the time of Ancient Rome. The stained glass windows in the rooms of the mausoleum were made by Tiffany, and some of them were made for the mausoleum. Union soldiers and sailors are also buried at Rosehill, and there are about 350 of them there. Today, there is also a Civil War Museum on the grounds. 

In 1853, Oak Woods Cemetery was built.

It is 183 acres in size. People were buried for the first time in 1960. When more than 6000 soldiers died at Oak Woods, their bodies were all put together in a mass grave (the largest mass grave in the Western Hemisphere). There is a monument that lists the names of more than 4000 people. For a long time, these soldiers were buried at a cemetery called City Cemetery. They were then exhumed. more

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