Great Ideas To Surprise Family And Friends On The Eve Of Christmas

You cannot talk about Christmas without gifts. They are a sort of an elementary part of Christmas. The excitement of Christmas is seen in people of every age group a month before. Apart from the gifts, it is the eve to spend time and celebrate with friends and family. There are various ways in which we can celebrate our Christmas day. This winter holiday season is everyone’s favourite. 

But doing the same thing every year might be quite monotonous for many people. So this year if you are thinking of celebrating Christmas Eve differently, then check out the below-mentioned ideas. These will help you add jazz to your celebration. 

Plan a trip-

Nothing can be better than going for a family vacation or trip. It’s a great way to make memories and spend some quality time together. You can go to some exotic locations or try some adventurous places. Make sure to do all the bookings in advance for a hassle-free journey. You can choose a road trip instead of using public transport for more fun and private moments. Your family will love this idea of yours. 

Plan a get-together-

In this fast-racing world, everyone is busy in their life trying to cope. To break this monotony, you can plan a get-together at your home and invite your friends and family for a Christmas get-together. You can play games, cook together, dance, try doing karaoke etc. You can order Christmas cake online for the cake cutting ceremony on Christmas Eve. 

Send Christmas gifts secretly-

Everyone loves to receive surprises. This Christmas try being the secret Santa for your loved ones. You can fulfill their wishes by sending them secret gifts. You can choose gifts according to the choices of your friends and family. You can send them some personalised gifts with their pictures and name. You can also choose some versatile gifts like hampers, cake, flowers, plants etc. You can order flowers online too. These days there are a lot of gifting websites opened up that provide great services in terms of delivery and return/exchange. They also offer a great range of options in different items. So you can shop online for them conveniently. 

Cook for your family-

If you are someone who loves to cook and bake for others, then on the eve of Christmas you can cook Christmas special dishes for your family. You can bake Christmas cakes and new year cakes as well. You will find the recipe on the internet. Cooking is therapeutic and a great way to win the hearts of your loved ones. 

Host a party-

Partying is always a good idea. You can plan a Christmas party at home and invite your friends and family over. You can make it a potluck evening or a brunch. You all can play different games like truth and dare, damsharas etc. You can either cook the meals together, or you can order them online. You can play a treasure hunt, have some heartfelt conversations with your loved ones.


We are lucky enough to have everything within our reach. But everyone in this world is not fortunate enough to have everything. You can contribute to a good cause this Christmas or donate necessary things to those in need. You can visit orphanages, old-age homes and donate clothes, toys, winter essentials, fruits, desserts etc. Your little efforts will spice up their Christmas too. You can fund a kid’s education as a Christmas present for him. 

Try making handmade gifts-

You can try to explore your creativity by trying your hands at making some handmade gifts. You can make cards, bake cookies and chocolates, clay pots etc. These are little things yet very precious for those who you love. You can pack your gift in aesthetic packaging and give it to your loved ones. 

I hope you got some great ideas on how you can celebrate and surprise your friends and family on Christmas Eve. Try out these ideas and make your Christmas special. 

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