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Fix Windows Live Mail Not Working Error in Simplest Way

Introduction: This article is about to fix Windows Live Mail not working error in the easiest manner. For those who use Windows Live Mail, this blog will be of great help for you.

Windows Live Mail is a legacy email client developed by Microsoft that was pre-installed with the Windows operating system for many years. It was, however, halted in 2012, but it has not yet ceased to function completely. If a problem occurs in the Live Mail email client, a user will be unable to contact Microsoft support for assistance. As a result, a large number of problems and faults accumulate, leading to the problem of Windows Live Mail not working.

In this article, we are going to cover the issue “how to fix Windows Live Mail not working error”. Additionally, we will show you the most amazing method to complete this task in a few simple steps.

Even if the Windows Live Mail problem is caused by a little issue, the majority of customers are unable to grasp what is going on. Because Outlook is Microsoft’s most recent email client, the functions previously provided by Windows Live Mail have been migrated to Outlook. It’s possible that some customers may not want to abandon the simple and controllable Live Mail interface.

The most prevalent causes of the Windows Live Mail not functioning issue are as follows:

Errors and issues with Windows Live Mail can be caused by a variety of factors. They obstruct the operation of Windows Live Mail and interfere with the user’s ability to work. Some of these are discussed more below.

When Live Mail is unable to establish a connection with the server, it displays a number of problems that interfere with the users’ ability to work.

The most common mistake that causes Windows Live Mail to stop working is a problem with the visual card driver not being in sync with the operating system.

Another typical cause for Windows Live to stop working is an issue with the email client or the Windows operating system’s upgrade.

Let’s Try to Fix Windows Live Mail not working error

If you encounter Windows Live Mail Not Working Errors, you should successfully implement the methods provided below, which are as follows.

Windows Live Mail is not responding

In many cases, this is a typical problem that results in Windows Live Mail being unresponsive. When the Live Mail email client is unable to connect to and synchronize with the servers, this error message is displayed on the screen.

When there is a new update on the server, it is possible that this error will occur. Because the sync difficulties will begin to manifest themselves. As a result, in order to remedy this issue, you must correctly sync and setup your Windows Live email with the servers. After that, you may proceed with the steps listed below to correctly configure your email client.

  • Start the Windows Live Mail email program and look for the Accounts icon in the left-hand navigation pane.
  • Now, select the Plus(+) icon with the @ sign from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill up your login information, which includes your username and password.
  • Select the option to manually configure the server settings.
  • After that, under Incoming Server Information, choose the Server types from the drop-down menu.
  • In this field, provide the server’s IP address and port number.
  • Check the SSL option to see if a secure connection is required.
  • Enter in the Server Address and Port Number for the Outgoing Server Information in a similar manner to the Incoming Server Information.
  • Then check the boxes for Requires a secure connection SSL and Requires Authentication in the Configuration window.
  • Finally, click on the Next button.

By following the above steps, you can easily resolve the error.

Windows Live Mail is not working in Windows 10 OS

Users of Windows Live Mail frequently experience the Windows Live Mail not working after Windows 10 update problem, which is another typical occurrence. When consumers upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, they may have this problem. Because Microsoft did not build the Live Mail to function with Windows 10, customers who attempt to use the email clients on the most recent version of Windows may encounter difficulties.

  • The most effective strategies for resolving this problem are listed below.
  • Open Windows Live Mail as an administrator in Compatibility mode to begin using it.
  • Reconfigure your email account to eliminate any synchronisation issues that may have occurred.
  • You have the option of creating a new Live Mail account and deleting the existing one.
  • Try reinstalling Windows Essentials 2012 on your computer to see if it helps.

Due to support issue, Windows Live Mail not working

As you are all aware, Microsoft has discontinued support for the Windows Live Mail email service and its predecessors. It’s also their hope that consumers would switch to Outlook, which is their most recent email service provider.

As a result, any faults that users face could be reporte to support. And the user is left with little alternative except to switch to Outlook to resolve the issue.

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The Conclusion

In this post, we have fix Windows Live mail not working error. Users can quickly and simply address a variety of difficulties with the assistance of the provided solutions. I hope you have found this article to be of assistance. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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