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Facts on Zoom Transcription Services

If you’re a business user, you know it requires a recording to keep track of meetings. Zoom transcription services are a great way to capture all the essential meeting information.

When it comes to Zoom meeting transcription, accuracy is vital. Therefore, you must choose a transcription service with reasonable accuracy rates and editing capabilities.


Zoom transcription is a great way to document meetings and ensure everyone can refer to essential information. It also helps people focus on the speaker, not their notes or other distractions.

The process is quick and easy – you only need to record your meeting on Zoom and upload the file. The app will then transcribe your conversation for you.

You can also add captions to your Zoom videos, which is a great way to support your audience who may not be able to hear your video conference or who prefer to turn the audio off. Captions are also a great way to ensure your videos are accessible by meeting accessibility compliances.

However, Zoom’s automated speech recognition software is less accurate than human-generated transcripts and can be prone to error. For this reason, it is better to rely on a third-party captioning provider that can provide higher-quality, more dependable service.


Zoom transcription services can be beneficial in documenting your meetings and ensuring that you get all vital information. They also make it easier to find specific details later on when you need them.

However, the accuracy of a transcript can vary widely depending on the audio quality, the number of speakers, and any accents or technical terminology present. These factors can lead to errors in the automated transcripts produced by the software.

Rather than relying on automated transcripts, you should choose a human-powered or hybrid transcription service to ensure that your meeting transcripts are accurate and deliver results quickly. These services will transcribe the meeting to a word document, including time stamps, outline, and speaker identification.

While these transcriptions are helpful, they must be edited to avoid spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. These can make it difficult for readers with various reading abilities to understand the content and confuse those struggling with note-taking.

Zoom offers an automatic transcription capability for cloud recordings and live meetings, though its accuracy is generally lower than other speech-to-text and transcription software. It is because the service uses an AI speech-to-text technique to convert audio into text.


Zoom transcription services are a time-saving resource for teams using virtual meetings. They assist you, and your team remains focused on the vital talks in your call while making it simple to discover what you need afterward.

With Zoom meeting transcription, you can save hours by not having to transcribe meetings manually. Instead, you can listen to the recording, edit the transcript on your computer or mobile device, and share it with other team members.

In addition, many zoom transcription services provide additional features designed to enhance productivity. For example, some services offer advanced search capabilities to make it easier to find specific information, and some allow you to export your transcriptions in multiple formats to share them with others easily.

Some zoom transcription services even let you edit the transcript on a mobile device, which makes it easier to make corrections and format the text for work memos, reports, and study guides. It can save you significant time, especially if you have many meetings to transcribe.


According to its Terms of Service, Zoom “processes personal information” to provide you with products and services, for product research and development, to authenticate and protect users, to provide customer support, to communicate with you for legal reasons, and with your consent. We never sell or share your personal information with third parties for marketing purposes, and we comply with all applicable laws and regulations.”

Zoom transcription services are a great way to transcribe your meetings and make them available for future reference. They also allow you to build an archive of information that can be reviewed later when making important decisions and identifying strengths and weaknesses in your strategies.

If you use Zoom for your business, following its security best practices is essential. These include enabling end-to-end encryption for all meetings and protecting the meeting content with an encrypted passcode to ensure no one can tamper with your files or access sensitive information.

Another security best practice for Zoom is to fully control all of your meeting settings, restricting access to only team members and ensuring that everyone can only use features that they have been authorized to access. It will help prevent Zoom bombing, which occurs when a hacker tries to wreak havoc on virtual meetings and steal personal information from the attendees.

In addition, many organizations record their Zoom meetings and ingest them on an enterprise video platform. These platforms have advanced video content management capabilities that allow for secure storage, sharing, and publishing of your recordings.

Moreover, these platforms keep audit logs of all recording activities on the platform and for each participant. It helps meet compliance requirements for GDPR and HIPAA.

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