Essential Small Animal Supplies For Best Pet Care

Small Pet Supplies For Rabbits | Hamsters | Guinea Pigs

If you have just adopted a small pet, you will require small animal supplies. Apart from food, you need many other essentials to look after your pets. These products help you to keep your pets healthy and tidy. As a pet parent of small animals, your needs are different. We have rounded up the best small pet supplies that every pet parent would love to buy. Whether you have rabbits or hamsters or guinea pigs, these products are great for pet care.

Yes, dogs and cats are the most popular pets in America. Next to dogs and cats, stand other popular pets. They are rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and ferrets. Fish and reptiles are also popular pets among youngsters. Small pets also require some unique pet care supplies. Most of them are habitats, grooming products, toys, and treats. If you’re a new small pet parent, this is going to be valuable for you.

Important Small Animal Products That Make Pet Care Super Easy

Our pet experts suggest some of the best small pet supplies. These products should be in the knowledge of every pet parent. They not only help in pet care but also ensure fun for your small-sized pets. 

  • Feeders & Bowls

Pet parents today love to feed their cute small pets in beautiful bowls and feeders. You will find plenty of options designed in attractive colors and shapes. This allows you to feed your pets without creating a mess in your home. Your pets also feel pampered with unique feeders of their own. 

As for rabbits and bunnies, you will find many hay feeders as well. The free-standing hay feeders allow them to access hay without creating a mess. These trough hay feeders are also suitable for guinea pigs and other small pets. Marmosets, sugar gliders, and gerbils are also popular small animals for home. 

  • Beds, Hammocks, & Hideouts 

Small pets like hamsters and mice have an inherent instinct to run and hide. Their ancestors felt safe by hiding in the burrows and tunnels. By bringing beds and hideouts, you can make them feel cozier. You can shop excellent hideouts from Kaytee including Kaytee Chinchilla Hut Hideout and Kaytee Igloo Hideout. 

You may also try Critter Trail Bedding Tray which comes in a 3 pack. This disposable bedding tray fits all rectangular habitats for hamsters, gerbils, and mice. 

  • Nail Trimmers For Small Animals

When it comes to small pet products, the prominent brands are Kaytee, Oxbow, and Marshall. These brands offer premium quality nail trimmers perfect for small animals like Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, and Rabbits. Regular nail trimming of your pets helps in preventing nail breakage and snags for small pets.

  • Leashes and Harnesses

There are plenty of comfortable leashes and harnesses for small pets. You can take your pets on a stroll in a stylish way. The harnesses are available for neck sizes from 5 to 7 inches to 10 to 13 inches. You can buy leashes for all small pets including pet rats, rabbits, and ferrets. With this product, you can take your pet on a walk without any scare of losing them. Especially when you are a new pet parent, this really makes sense. When you are visiting pet supplies stores, look for adjustable dog collars and harnesses. They do not strain your pet’s neck and are hence more comfortable for them. 

  • Habitats & Carriers

You will find several habitats and carriers for birds and small pets in pet supply stores. A variety of outdoor and indoor habitats are available for small animals like rabbits and ferrets. They are also essential when you are traveling or need to transport your small pets. The carriers with handles and access doors help you carry them while you are on the go. 

You may have a look at some high-quality pet carriers at your nearest best pet shop. Kaytee’s come-along carrier is a fabric-covered carrier featuring air vents. As you buy them, make sure the design will allow fresh air and is convenient to handle as you travel.    

  • Grooming & Cleanliness Products 

As a pet parent, you want your pet to be super clean and cute. Here are some of the best products you may require for your smallies. 

These excellent products help to keep your pets clean and to control bad odor. With better cleanliness, you are also ensuring your pets’ and your family’s health. While you pamper your pets, you can also keep your home sparkling clean, and refreshing.

  • Exercise Wheels and Toys

Small pets are no different than cats and dogs. They also deserve some moments of fun and playfulness. Exercise wheels, loops, and toys help your pets escape boredom and stay fit and happy. Products like the Kaytee Lava Block with Wood Chews keep your pet’s teeth clean and trim. It also keeps them engaged in healthy activities. This is great for Rabbits, Chinchillas, and other small pets. They can playfully satiate their need to gnaw and chew without harming any of your home furnishings. 

If you are a pet parent of a guinea pig, Kaytee Play-N-Hay Toys are great. This refillable hanging toy keeps the pets treats and hay off the bottom. This is an excellent toy to encourage the pet activity of guinea pigs and other such animals. 

Pets should not be kept in a closed place like a cage always. They need fun and exercise to stay healthy and cheerful. Daily exercise and running around also protect them from physical and behavioral disorders. If you do not want to give free access all the time, you can buy or make a pen with exercise fencing panels. Keep their habitats a bit large enabling them to move freely. 

Small animals are loved by children and adults alike. Fortunately, today we have a huge range of small pet accessories. Apart from foods and treats, these accessories play a key role in pet care. Play Tubes, Nibblers, Sleepers, Chews, and Litter pads are great products for cute and cuddly pets. You will also find small animal supplies that help you to train your pets.

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