Dressing Tips for Top French Designers for 2022

French fashion is full of grace, elegance & classy attires, and we all are here for it. It is clear & obvious that they are always dressed in their best & abide by fashion thoughtfully. Astonishingly, we have never seen them wearing a pair of matching sweatshirts, sweatpants, or leggings & sneakers. The majority of the population reading this blog is not French but, we are totally here for some quick inspiration & dressing tips.

The power of the red lip

The French girl may like to keep the dressing casual, relaxed & chic; they often love to spot a bold red lipstick look. And we have the classy dressing tips by actresses such as Marilyn Monroe for the best reference possible. Also, it is a great fashion hack for when you don’t feel confident enough. Just wear a bold lip color & encounter your confidence-boosting up.

A good cologne

Let us admit the fact that nothing beats the impact & influence of a pleasing fragrance. No matter what you wear, a fine perfume always elevates your look to the next level & makes heads turn. Also, we suggest sticking to a mild & classic one. For the summertime, you can go for fruity, vanilla, refreshed roses, blossoms, or more. And for the winters, go for fragrances such as coffee, sandalwood, blueberry, jasmine, scented candles & more. 

A white button-down

When we talk about the French style, the prominent thing that sums up the style is the classic combination of a white button-down with washed straight-leg jeans. To finish off the look, add a pair of nude pumps, a tote bag & wear red lipstick. So, it is one staple piece in every french women’s wardrobe & if we are trying to imitate the same, a white button-down is a must-have. 

A good denim jean

When it comes to pieces of denim, you don’t need to own a lot of them. A good couple of pairs of jeans is enough to sustain you for a long period of time. It is not just a go-to for a french lady but is typical for all. Even though we suggest saving some bucks here & there, we believe jeans are worth splurging on. So, try to invest in high-quality denim pieces that will last you for a long period of time. 

The outfit repeater gang

Honey, constructing an outfit is an art. Also, coming up with something new by using the same clothing attire is even great talent. We can not always keep on buying the latest clothing eye candies. So, repeat your clothing but try to create a new outfit. (P.S. for additional reference, check our previous blog on how to construct a new outfit when you have nothing to wear). 

Laidback approach along with neutral tones

The most standard characteristic of French girl dressing is the habitual corporation of neutral hues & shades in clothing. Black, grey, brown, navy blue are the favorite shades of people. Even when they incorporate some color, it is always placed in a subtle & thoughtful manner. For instance, if you are decked up in a navy blue blazer pantsuit, carry a baby blue or turquoise handbag & wear nude color pumps. 

Tulle skirt

A tulle skirt is a classic French cult. Ballet is a huge part of French culture & is reflected majorly through the cute fancy clothing of the French girls. You can create a dressy date night look, a birthday glam look, a picnic date look with a tulle skirt. 

To top it all off the tulle skirt is a huge women’s clothing trend for 2022.

Statement Sleeves

A french lady skips or overlooks the part of dressing up over the top clothing. But, statement sleeves such as puff, ruffles, cowl draped, & more give off an elegant vibe & we are a total fan of the same. 

Say no to the visible bra strap.

We know nobody cares less about bra straps being visible. But, it is a big no if you are trying to deck up all classy & chic. Even if you wear the one matching along with the top, simply avoid it. Lay emphasis upon wearing a strapless bra to avoid the moment of visible straps.

The Double Denim look

There is nothing more classy than pieces of denim, and the denim on denim look is always a double delight. You will effortlessly find someone tattering the denim and denim looks with grace & elegance in France. To construct the look, pair your basic black or white t-shirt with a denim jacket & straight-leg jeans. Complete the look with a tote bag or a baguette bag & definitive white sneakers.

Kitten heels

Kitten heels are one of the most popular footwear among the French & the Parisian looks. If you are trying to dress like an elegant lady, ditch your sneakers (unless you are going for a quick jog) for a cute pair of kitten heels.  

Sweaters with pleated skirt

Relatively a fresh and unusual wave of clothing trend, but looks ravishing upon wearing. Trust us, this is a genius hack. 

If you wish to pull off this look, take an oversized sweater or a sweater dress & pair it with a pleated skirt. To accessorize the look, layer a belt on top of the sweater & a baguette bag will add the cherry on top. To complete the look, accessorize with minimal jewels, a hint of blush & ankle-length boots.

Apart from the numerous fashion hacks & tips, the french women favor the mantra of minimalism & go light on makeup. Just a lip stain, a hint of liquid blush, fluffy brows & you are set to go. 

Further, Pinterest boards, YouTube videos & Instagram will be your fashion BFF & guide for a detailed explication for the french girl dressing tips. Ok, winding upon the segment of French girl dressing tips, we would love to know their beauty & diet secrets. ASAP!

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