Discovering a Positive Life through Astrological Remedies

Introduction: Importance of Positive Life

Life as a path is not always as rugged as it seems, rather there are certain attitudes which make it rough positive life. The certainty depends on your outlook on life, if you are optimistic or pessimistic-this is where positivity comes into existence.

Positive thinking does not imply you reject the unpleasant situations of life which are highly toxic, but it depends on how you react to an unpleasant situation. Positivity starts with self-talk, a vital aspect of optimism, which involves what are the lines which run through our mind and how our brain corresponds to them. Well, in most cases, the person is subject to low and negative self-talk without even realizing that this is the beginning of destruction-both physically and mentally. 

There are proven health benefits of positivity which include low rates of depression, anxiety and stress, reduced risk of respiratory diseases and greater immunity power.

Astrology and Positivity-Relationship and Execution

Astrology has significantly improved the lives of many through a number of processes. But little do people know how astrology encourages healthy living by applying positivity in a person’s life.Most of the time, a professional astrologer offers remedial measures to cope up with life situations including the removal of pessimism. Astrology teaches us to gain control over our mind and body through which we can improve our self-talk. By enhancing this, we can master stress and have relief from anxiety.

Every form of energy needs to be accumulated. For example, we need to gather solar energy by using solar panels-which is the instrument. Similarly, to accumulate positive energy, we need to learn the implementation of the right instruments. Positive energy is everywhere, but the carelessness of our body and mind can make them deprived of those energies. To attract positive energies, we need the help of astrology and astrological sciences. 

A successful astrologer can help you understand how the course of malefic planets is affecting the flow of positive energies. One needs to find the best astrologer for the right tips. 

Remedial Measures to Remove the Toxicity

Astrology is definitely a kick start to erase the negativities and embrace optimism. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Fill a glass of water with sea-salt and hide it in the south-west corner of your house, make sure the place does not have a bathroom there. Sea-salt can effectively squeeze out negativity and it will turn yellow or green in a few days, after which re-fill the glass with a new slot. You will notice the difficulties and negativity reducing within weeks. 
  2. Draw a Swastika sign using rice and turmeric powder on the entrance door. The sign is very sacred and helps to attract positivity.
  3. Consume saffron mixing it with milk and apply a tilak with the same whenever you are going out for a special work. Saffron makes the Sun fill your life with a positive vibration.
  4. Fill a bucket of water with vinegar, lemon juice and sea-salt and use the water to cleanse your home. This solution acts like an elixir and absorbs negativity.Use this method everyday. 
  5. Hold a piece of Selenite in your hand and roam around your house, starting from the entrance and ending your walk at the entrance itself. 
  6. Visit a temple at the time of Arti, if possible daily. It will change your life within a few days.
  7. Pour sweet water under the Peepal tree once a week and pray for good health.
  8. Amulets are traditional ways to remove negativity from lives. They give protection against evil. Consult a professional and obtain the same.


Even after following these tips you might require professional help for effective results. Now it is very easy to consult an astrologer at the comfort of your house through online sites. It provides one of the best How to make ketu happy online consultation services. Worry less and click here.

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