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Converting Another User OST Files to PST Format – Solved

Through this blog, users can resolve their issue of converting another user OST files to PST format. It’s usually an orphan file when I mention another user’s OST File.

Direct conversion of orphaned OST files to PST is not possible. Expert ways to convert another user’s OST files to PST files do exist, though.

This blog will show you how to fix the problem of converting another user’s OST files to PST format. As a result, by using the proper methods, users may completely address this problem.

There are both Manual and Automated solution to help you out in this situation. Let’s first discuss the Manual Solution to solve this issue.

Beware of These Free Methods:-

There are many solutions like this on the internet that claims to convert orphan OST file to PST manually. However, in order to use these methods, users need to have Outlook installed in their operating system and your OST file configured. Generally these method does little to no help and it’s better to skip them. Moreover, users should not use any free method if they orphan OST file. Hence, do not use this methods.

Step 1. Microsoft Outlook Export Feature

This Solution can be used Only when Outlook is linked to an MS Exchange server and If your OST is configured in Outlook. Rest assured, you may recover orphaned OST file data and save it in PST format by following the procedures below:

1. Open the Microsoft Outlook email software.

2. Navigate to File, then Click Next after exporting to a file.

3. After that, Choose PST from the list of choices and click Next.

4. Nonetheless, select all of the folders that need to be converted and turn on the conversion. Option to include sub folders.

5. Then, click the Finish button after selecting the location of the exported PST file.

Method 2. Using Microsoft Outlook Archive Feature

To convert an orphaned OST file to a PST file, perform the steps below one by one:

1. First, Open Microsoft Outlook software on your system.

2. Go to File then, choose Save As Option to archive.

3. Therefore, you’ll be sent to a screen where you can choose which folder or file to archive.

4. Find the location of the resulting Outlook PST file.

5. Finally, press the OK button to start the desired procedure.

Method 3. Create a New PST File: –

The items from the orphaned OST file are recovered, and a new PST file is created as the new startup:

1. Open the MS Outlook email client on your computer.

2. Moreover, in your existing Outlook profile, create a new PST file.

3. Finally, drag and drop any mailbox folders in PST format that need to be relocated.

Converting Another User OST Files to PST Format – Automated Solution

There are a variety of third-party options in the market. However, OST to PST Converter will be the ideal alternative for consumers to overcome this issue. However, it would not only assist customers to export orphan OST to PST, but it would also present them with several advantages.

Key Feature of this Software:

Convert Orphan OST Files in Bulk:

This application can batch convert orphaned and corrupted OST files to PST files. Users can also export data items from numerous OST Files.

Only Export Selected Items:

During the procedure, users can convert Selective OST files. However, Selecting the appropriate files option is all that is required. Moreover, Users can then choose to export their desired files or folders, based on their needs.

Export Any Form of Data:

Users may effortlessly export damaged and orphan OST files to PST, as well as IMAP, Office365, and Exchange Server OST files. Because of the tool’s simple yet sophisticated graphical interface, it can be used by anybody.

Compatible with Outlook Versions: –

This application works with all versions of Microsoft Outlook. Users may effortlessly convert their OST files to PST files in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and previous versions.

Maintains Metadata Originality:

Even after the procedure, this tool maintains the uniqueness of the Metadata. Users may simply convert all emails, including attachments, stored in an offline data file to Outlook PST format with this software.

Free Version Limitation:

The demo version of this tool allows users to export only 25 items from each folder. However, if user is pleased with resultant data, then, they can also buy the licensed version of this tool as well.

Final Words:

Through this blog I have addressed how users may overcome their difficulty of converting another user OST files to PST format in this blog. As a result, we’ve spoken about several manual ways that you should not use when you are dealing with an Orphan file. As well as expert solution for resolving this problem.

Therefore, the manual technique has a slew of issues; while it is free, it can hurt and distort our data and in order to use them users need to have their Orphan OST file configured in Outlook, which is impossible. Even if there are some methods that claims to do so, just skip them. It’s also a good idea to employ an Expert Suggested Solution if you’re dealing with an orphan file.

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