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Best Ways to Repair PST File Without Scanpst – Read

Summary: Has your Outlook PST file gone corrupt and do you want to know how to how to repair PST files without scanpst? Then you must dive into this article where we solve this question for you.

Outlook PST files are used to store data like emails, contacts, calendars, and all other data items on the user’s system. Like any other file stored, even the PST files are not spared from corruption. When a PST file damages, the data it contains is also on the verge of getting corrupted. So, not to lose the important information that PST files contain, Microsoft developed scanpst.exe to scan the files for corruption and repair them.

However, situations arise when your Outlook files are largely damaged and cannot be treated with scanpst. In such cases, you have to look out for better ways to work with Outlook files. We have covered everything you need in this article.

Drawbacks of Using Scanpst

  1. It is not uncommon to see PST files with sizes exceeding the recommended size of 2 GB. They can store large amounts of data but can you repair them if they get corrupt? Well, scanpst fails here and is unable to treat those files and this is the major disadvantage of this utility.
  2. Scanpst is located in the C drive of your file system which is not difficult to locate but some users find it difficult to reach out to this utility.
  3. There are cases when the PST files are so severely damaged that their structure is also corrupted and distorted. The internal elements, lower objects, and upper objects are all affected. The scanpst option does not work here and cannot cure such damage.
  4. When scanning the files, if scanpst does not find data or the table structure, it validates again, then it completely deletes it from its database. This leads to unnecessary removal of data and permanent data loss.
  5. Scanpst does not create a copy of your data and instead works on the original file itself. In such a case, if anything goes wrong, the bits of information contained in the PST file are not secured and can be lost.
  6. If scanpst.exe cannot find the DLL file, it freezes the program. This will then display the message saying the DLL file is missing.

How to Repair PST File Without Scanpst?

After having discussed all the disadvantages that scanpst comes with, how do you repair the Outlook PST files? Well, the answer is simple, if your PST files contain crucial data and you cannot afford to lose it, you must consider using professional tools for it.

SysTools software comes to the rescue as it provides software to repair PST file. It is easy to use this tool and it comes with many functionalities that scanpst fails in. Here are some of the benefits that this tool offers:

  • Repairs severely damaged PST files
  • Can export repaired PST into multiple other formats
  • Fixes password encrypted PST files in a single attempt
  • Repairs lost or deleted Outlook PST files easily
  • Option to decrypt OpenPGP & SMIME encryption from messages
  • Can split large PST files into smaller files

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In this article, we have seen how to repair PST file without scanpst. We have provided a list of all reasons where scanpst can go wrong. To avoid any problems with your data, we have given a smart solution that is tried & tested. SysTools software will ensure the safety of your data and will give you the best experience.

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