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Best Things to do in Coorg


Hills come in as a blessed pill for soothing recovery from the chronic pain that life in cities provides us. Coorg is one of the best destinations due to its reasonable similarities and hills. Thus, the Coorg district is called the ‘Scotland of India.’ The energizing terrain is known for the high quality of beans of coffee. Environmentalist lovers, food fans, photographers, enthusiasts of culture and sumptuous flora, every traveler would find some or the other form of engaging activities in Coorg. 

Tibetan culture experience at the golden temple

Coorg is unique because it is the only place in South India with a Tibetan settlement and many Tibetan cultures and populations. This golden temple is a local name, but the real name by which it is known to the locals is the Namdroling Monastery. Which indeed is a gorgeous Tibetan monastery. Though many other temples are also found in the district of Coorg, this one is special. It is the perfect example of Tibetan culture. One also gets a chance to experience the classic Tibetan cuisine of MOMOS around the corner. 

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Fishing activities in the Kaveri River

Coorg has multiple lakes and rivers, lush with fisheries. The river Kaveri originates at Talacauvery and is lush with aquatic fauna and ideal for effective fishing. Angling and fishing are the two leisure activities which are the most popular things to do in Coorg District. The rivers are abundant food for these fish like planktons etc., which in the monsoon seasons. Fishing is among the pleasant tasks tourists can enjoy and record as a memory.

Madikeri Fort

Madikeri Fort is a heritage infrastructure in Coorg which dates to the 17th century. The fort had a palace inside its premises. Mudduraja constructed this fort. Currently, the fort is in old-fashioned clock, a beautiful museum, and a formidable and gorgeous park in its surroundings.

Nagarhole National Park

Coorg is plentiful, with flora and fauna, and wildlife. The Nagarhole National Park is a beautiful place. Rajiv Gandhi National Park also knows this national park, and this national park comes within the larger Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The reserve is surrounded by an extended range of Brahmagiri Mountains. The safari can bring the tourists with wildlife animals like endemic tigers and Asian elephants, found uniquely in the Indian subcontinent.

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Those who are expressive about their love and adoration for birds and the relative ecosystems can consume such desire through the beautiful bird sanctuary, called Pushpagiri Sanctuary, which is the peak’s name from whence it gains its name. The sanctuary is one of the 21 bird sanctuaries of India. The Kadamakal Forest Reserve is inside this sanctuary. The forested mountains within the vicinity are home to various endemic and endangered bird species, as listed in the IUCN list. To take a bird’s watch is such a constructive activity to do, which mesmerizes the whole experience of tourism


Tadiandamol is a trekker’s heaven. The slithering slopes and grassy topography rivets the tourists with scenic adoration and serene vicinity. Whose main imperative deity is Igguthappa is the main deity of the native.

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