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Best Solution for Growing in Greenhouses – Misting system

Misting systems are an integral part of a greenhouse. They provide the perfect balance between temperature and humidity to maintain a healthy environment for your flowers and plants. But should you install one? Let’s look at some pros and cons of it to help you make the decision easier!

– Pros 

It will keep your greenhouse cool when it’s hot outside. 

It can reduce the temperature by about 20 degrees Fahrenheit (11 Celsius), great for summertime.

 Also used to maintain humidity in a greenhouse, which can be difficult otherwise with all the heat retention glass creates. 

– Cons 

It can be a little energy consume. 

It runs on a pump that needs to be plugged in, so it can use up quite a bit of electricity. 

 Also needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly, or else it can become clogged with mineral deposits from the water. 

So, should you install a misting system in your greenhouse? It depends on what your goals and needs are for the space. If you’re looking to cool it down in summer or maintain humidity levels, then the answer is yes – it’s worth considering! Just make sure you factor in the potential energy costs and clean it regularly.

Misting systems provide a valuable service in greenhouses. Keep in mind when you make the decision. 

Maybe you want to know how to set up a greenhouse misting system. Follow the steps below; you’ll learn it faster.

Greenhouse Step up Procedure:

– 1: Connect the mist fittings, such as nozzle, base, tee, elbow, plug, filter, etc.

– 2: Install the main mist machine with a pump and connect the power source.

– 3: Install the water supply pipe and end plug.

– 4: Fill the main mist machine with oil and turn it on for testing.

– 5: When the sprayed mist is regular, the system is set down!

The best time to use the greenhouse misting system, just like we need to run in the morning every day, is the first thing to do in the morning.

Early in the morning, the plants are ready for moisture before the sun rises. Except when the temperature is the highest, the plants will absorb water from the soil for the rest of the day. Misting in the morning is more in line with the growth cycle of plants, and plants moisturized by water can better withstand the heat.

Try not to use the misting system at night. Because the temperature is low at night, the fog is difficult to evaporate, and it stays on the stems and leaves of plants for a long time. Without sunlight, the water flow in the soil will not go away. It will form waterlogging. This phenomenon is very unfavorable for plants because waterlogging can cause molds and fungi to grow around the roots and on the stems and leaves of plants. You can use the greenhouse misting system at night only when you have a last resort, such as a severe shortage of water for plants, and you can’t wait for the following day to arrive.

To avoid such a situation, you can set an accurate misting time according to the habits of different plants. For example, at a specific time in the morning, from 8 to 10, misting once every 10 minutes, 20 minutes each time, to ensure that the plants can have sufficient humidity while not being excessively humidified to cause pests or mold growth.

The greenhouse misting system is competent. It can reduce the temperature and increase the humidity in the greenhouse to more than 80%, but it will not form water droplets. Its role is different from water irrigation. It affects the overall environmental improvement in the entire greenhouse space. And without manual guards, you can control everything through the remote program on your computer or mobile phone, which is very convenient.

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