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Beginners guide for Sandhan Valley Trek

It is a magnificent canyon in the Sahyadri mountains. It is one of the most challenging and exciting journeys in Sahyadri.

You do not just walk, you remember, you climb rocks, enjoy blazing fires and camp under a starry sky. The Sandhan natural valley is located between the forts of the AMK – Alang, Madan and Kulang, hence the name AMK. This tour is famous for its untested nature, excellent photo ops and a trail from the beaten path.

Location: Samrad village, Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra.

Height: Downhill is around 200 feet in depth and 2 miles in length

Travel time: 5 hours

Difficulty level: Medium to difficult

Best Time to Sandhan Village Tour

Any time of year it is best to go to Sandhan Valley, except summer. It is hot and humid and all your energy is reduced by enduring the heat, which makes the trip unpleasant. The winter, autumn and even rain trips to the Sandhan Valley are very memorable and enjoyable.

How to Get There

To get to Samrad village, you will need to get to Kasara or Igatpuri first.

Road: Book a self-driving car and drive down the Samrad Valley. The distance from Mumbai to Sandhan Valley is 200 km which can be repaired in 4 to 5 hours. Alternatively, from Mumbai or Pune, you can take a government transport bus to Igatpuri-Ghoti from where the buses are located to Bhandardara and take a shared jeep from there to Samrad village.

Train: Take the train from Mumbai to Kasara. Take the Kasara express train from CST. Get off at Kasara and book a jeep shared with Samrad. Lots of shared jeep rides available. You can also take the long-distance train stop at Igatpuri.

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Travel Route

On the descent you will meet Tarzan Swing Point, you will remember and use the rope ladder after which there will be a cave crawl.

Then you will go down and walk among the rock patches. There will be deep water lakes that you can enter, followed by wide rocks and you will reach a camping site.  

Return to Journey

Continue down the lake with steep slopes and river trek to reach Dehne village, where buses are available at Asangaon station. 


Travel: Driving from Mumbai to Bhandardara (return trip) can cost from Rs 5000 to Rs. 8000. Train tickets will cost anywhere between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1200 (refund).

Shared jeeps cost Rs 50 per person.  

Accommodation: Stay overnight in your tent at a camping site. Accommodation in Samrad village can cost from Rs. 500 to Rs. 800 per night. Bhandardara budget always starts at Rs. 1000 onwards.

Meals: Food will cost anywhere from Rs. 200 to Rs 600 during the trip.


You can camp all night at Gorge for the best camping experience. There are no hotels or accommodations nearby, but accommodations are located near Samrad. These are moderately comfortable. If you would like to stay overnight there, go to a comfortable hotel in Bhandardara. Try the MTDC resort, it is very popular. You can also check out a few luxury hotels and leisure options (like Anandvan resort) in Bhandardara to enjoy the luxury after a hard day’s work.


There will be no food on the way as it is a shady canyon trek, with no place to stay. But there are many home-cooked meals served by locals in the Samrad region who cook fresh and hot Marathi food, including baker, poha, upma, bhaji, dal and rice. Have a healthy and full breakfast before embarking on a trip, pack a lunch and get off, have a delicious lunch at Dehne or Samrad. Trek operators will provide you with food when you go on a group trip.

Safety and Travel Tips

Pedestrians for the first time should not try this trip without a guide or pedestrian operator.

The journey tests your strength to a great extent. Avoid it if you have a health condition or a weak heart, or high blood pressure.

Carry power bars, mosquito repellent and air conditioner.

Pack light and carry a comfortable backpack.

Manage power bank and DSLR camera if possible.

Carry enough water from the Sandhan valley. Water from tribal streams may not be pure to drink.

There are no toilets along the way unless the trek driver stops.

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