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Are Pom Poms Flowers Perennials?

Pom poms are small and beautiful flower which is loved by all kids and children. These flowers are mostly grown in gardens and parks, but now you can also grow them in your garden. They can be used as a decorative element and they are the symbol of Christmas.

If you are planning to plant the pom pom flowers in your garden, then you should be aware of its different names. Some of the common names are: Japanese maple, autumn crocus, and dwarf pom pom.

Pom pom flowers is a perennial  and it has a very long life cycle. You can plant the pom pom in your garden after the first year and it will bloom during the summer.

The size of the pom pom is small and it can easily be placed in any kind of pot. It is a very good option for beginners who don’t have a big garden.

It is a very easy flower to grow, as it only needs sunlight and a little bit of water.

Pom pom is a perfect flower to decorate your house or you can place it in the garden.

Which Pom Pom Flower Is Not A Perennial?

Here are the five pom pom flowers that are not perennials.


Gladiolus is a pom pom flower that is not a perennial. It will bloom in spring and summer. Gladiolus is a good option for those who love to keep their garden clean and fresh.


This is another one of the popular pom pom flowers that are not perennials. It is a very attractive flower and it is a great option for the house decoration.


This is a pom pom flower that is not a perennial. It is a very popular flower and you can find it in any garden. Fritillaria is a very attractive flower and it is a great choice for the garden decoration.


This is a pom pom flower that is not a perennial. It is a great flower for the house decoration. It is also a popular choice for the flower bouquets.

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy is a pom pom flower that is not a perennial. It is a beautiful flower and it is a great choice for the garden decoration.

What Are The Advantages Of Perennials?

The word ‘perennial’ is very common but it is hard to understand the meaning of this word. But if you want to know what are the advantages of perennials then here I will tell you.

Perennials are plants which grow throughout the year and they don’t require much maintenance. They grow and flourish all year round without any maintenance.

Here are the main benefits of perennials

They Grow Quickly

Perennials are the fastest growing plants and they grow within a month. After the first month you will see your plants blooming and after the second month you will see them covered with flowers.

They Are cheap

These plants are very cheap and you can buy them anywhere. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get these plants.

They Are Easy To Grow

If you have bought the right soil and fertilizer then these plants will grow in no time.

They Require Little Maintenance

These plants don’t need much maintenance, but if you plant them in the wrong place you will have to spend a lot of money to get them back to their original form.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Perennials?

There are certain disadvantages of perennials which include –

Perennials Take More Space

These plants are not just a single plant, they are a bunch of plants that grow together and require a lot of space. You will have to spend more money on their maintenance and upkeep.

They Are Expensive

Perennials are very expensive and they will cost you a fortune. You will need to invest a lot of money on them.

They Don’t Grow Fast

Perennials are slow growing and they won’t grow as fast as annuals. In order to make them grow faster, you will have to spend a lot of money.

They Don’t Flower In Winter

Some perennials don’t flower in the winter. You will need to wait till the spring season for them to bloom.

They Don’t Grow In Areas With Hot Weather

Most of the perennials don’t grow well in areas with high temperatures. You will need to give them proper care and attention.

They Are Not Suitable For Cold Areas

Perennials can’t withstand the cold temperatures. They will die if the temperature goes below freezing.


I hope that you liked the post. I have also shared with you that you can plant the pom poms Flowers in your garden.

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