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Aluminium pedestrian gates from ‘Stargate‘ are ideal for replacing a front or side access walkway gates.

Although driveway barriers are the most popular, many of us have a front pedestrian gate or a side access gate. Many of these are constructed of iron or wood and will rust or decay over time. Even if you don’t need or want driveway gates, a pedestrian aluminium gate is an excellent choice.

Installing strong security gates and fences around your home’s perimeter can aid in the prevention of break-ins. If you build a fence that is too low or a gate that is not secure, you may inadvertently make it easier for intruders to reach your property.

Stargate‘s aluminium pedestrian gates come in a variety of designs and hues to resemble wooden ones. These gates are virtually maintenance-free, with a ten-year powder-coated (Qualicoat) protective finish that is guaranteed to keep the colour or wood grain finish.



If you have the room, installing pedestrian gates beside driveway vehicle gates makes sense. A manual locking pedestrian gate, on the other hand, allows for controlled pedestrian access rather than having to open and close driveway gates while walking or returning on foot.

By completely avoiding the use of automatic driveway gates to enter or depart your home on foot, you remove any concerns about the gate’s security features recognizing you. It also prevents automobiles and pedestrians from using the same aluminium gates at the same time.


Aluminium is well recognized for being one of the lightest metals around. For example, it is three times lighter than iron. Many individuals believe that a heavy metal gate is the most secure option, yet aluminium’s reduced weight frequently makes it an excellent alternative in many cases.

At under £100, aluminium pedestrian gates are comparable to hardwood ones in terms of price and lack any issues with decay.

Aluminium gates have excellent compressive, tensile, yield, and impact strength in addition to being resistant to corrosion. Although it is not as strong as steel, its anti-corrosion qualities enable it to stay stronger for longer while avoiding becoming brittle during the winter.

While many of us have driveways that would benefit from automatic gates, many more do not. This does not imply that aluminium pedestrian gates can’t provide additional security and aesthetic impact.

Who are aluminium gates suitable for?

Even the tiniest terraced home, with only a low dividing wall between it and the public sidewalk in front of it, may have an aluminium gate.

Because it is a lightweight material, aluminium is also more pliable, allowing for more intricate, beautiful, or artistic patterns to be created. It’s also crucial to note that because it is so light, fixtures and hinges don’t have to support much weight, making automatic gates less difficult to operate.

You also have a lot of alternatives for finishing, and aluminium is well-known for providing a high-quality surface finish. Aluminium will give you a variety of options, whether you want a bright colour or a textured wood-style finish to go with your home’s architectural style.

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