All about the event business: creation and services!

Do you like to organize events and create festive atmospheres? Do you have good interpersonal skills and want to set up your own event company? Here are the keys to making such an investment a success!

Summary :

I/ How to create an event company?

II/ What you need to know about an event company

I/ How to create an event company?

Prepare yourselves!

First, make sure your decision is well thought out! To set up your event business. However, before embarking on your preparations and to limit the risk of failure, you must check whether you have the necessary profile for such an investment. For example, do you have a sense of sociability and organization? Does the idea excite you, or do you want to have your project? But also, do you have the skills and qualities necessary for the development of this project? Could you reconcile your professional and personal life?

Target the concept!

Do you want your event company to be multi-specialist or, on the contrary, specialized in a specific sector of activity such as event business plan? Because your decision must consider the competition, the market, and your location.

You can also distinguish yourself by the quality of the services or the privileges you grant to your customers.

To target your concept, market research is necessary.

Specify your network!

To boost your success in your business creation project, it is better to be located in a large city with a large enough population. Opt for a local in the city center to build a good network of contacts and so that the address is accessible to your customers.

Develop your business plan!

Writing your event business plan is essential in developing your project. An accountant will know how to help you to:

  • Establish an estimate of your turnover;
  • Write a financing plan;
  • Estimate the cash budget;

Are you going to work independently or as a franchise?

Suppose you plan to open a franchise and join a known network in the field. In that case, you are guaranteed to benefit from its notoriety and to be accompanied throughout your project. Many event companies are looking for entrepreneurs to work with them. However, exercising your profession as a freelancer will allow you to benefit from certain advantages such as:

  • Determine your concept;
  • Freely determine the prices of your services.

What legal structure will you adopt?

Depending on your needs and your budget, you can join one of these statuses:

  • The micro-enterprise is the most straightforward status in commitments such as legal declarations. Also, you are not required to use an accountant. However, this status does not inspire confidence in customers.
  • Sole proprietorship: you can use this status if you embark on this project alone.
  • The SASU or the EURL: in the case of a single partner.
  • SARL or SAS: if you have several partners.

Start your project!

Choose a name for your event agency!

The name should indicate the services of your event business plan. Be sure to check that your business name is available. It must be unique! Tools like ID2nom could help you.

Become a member of your local Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Also, check whether you need to obtain a license or authorization from your municipality’s prefecture or town hall. Also, some activities requiring alcohol or meeting on a public road require formalities to be applied before the event. In short, pay attention to the regulations, so you don’t get in trouble!

Set up your office!

You can set up your office at home or rent a room. Whichever you choose, get the necessary equipment such as a personal computer and a good printer.

Set the prices for your services!

Pricing must take into account:

  • The usual (average) price of the services offered;
  • Your skills and experience in the field;
  • The billing method (fixed prices, additional fees, etc.)

Please note: you can start low and gradually raise them as your business progresses.

Be flexible!

You always have to prepare B plans to deal with the unexpected. For this, prepare a list of contacts of different specialties.

Grow your event business!

1- Work on communication!

Take advantage of technological tools to publicize your event box. For this, you can:

  • Create a design and easy-to-use website.
  • Provide leaflets.
  • Tell your family and friends about your project.
  • Take advantage of social networks.
  • Encourage customers to leave feedback on your websites.

2- Work voluntarily!

Volunteer for community events, for example. This will allow you to make your name and contact details are known on as many documents as possible. It is an effective advertisement for your business.

II/ What you need to know about an event company!

What are the activities of an event agency?

An event company organizes events or contributes to their realization. These events can be with individuals (families, individuals, etc.) or professionals (companies, associations, parties, etc.).

Indeed, among the activities that an event company can carry out, we quote:

  • Suggest creative ideas for a unique and original event;
  • Take charge of the realization of an event;
  • Organize small events such as the brief reception or significant events such as the Olympics;
  • Contribute to the organization by taking charge, for example, of the decoration or setting the atmosphere of the space.

Among the events most often organized by an event company, we quote:

  • Events with individuals: birthdays, weddings, family celebrations, etc.
  • Events for professionals: in-store events, company evenings, seminars, inaugurations, fairs, exhibitions, inaugurations, open days, advertising campaigns, etc.
  • Entertainment, cultural and sporting events: concerts, shows, Olympics, demonstrations, village festivals, etc.
  • Religious events such as baptisms and Christmas markets or political events such as meetings.

Why use an event company?

Entrusting the organization of an event to a professional, in particular, an event company, saves time and energy and effectively achieves its objective. Indeed, an event company  :

  • Promises high-quality services;
  • Takes into consideration your needs, your requests as well as current events;
  • Then presents tips that are likely to address your concerns;
  • And finally, it ensures the smooth running of the event and provides preventive plans.

So, what are you waiting for to get started? Who knows, the next event may be your success.

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