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A Guide On What An Allegiant Cancellation Policy Is?

Allegiant Airlines understands that passengers might need to shun their travel plan anytime, as per the need of the hour. Therefore, we have brought in a guide on what an allegiant cancellation policy is? Allegiant Airlines is one of the top priorities of the passengers flying within America and internationally as well. So, customers often refer to this carrier to book their tickets.

Apart from this, its services and policies are very flexible, not being the cause of any trouble to its customers. So if you have booked tour flight tickets with Allegiant airlines, but now you need to cancel them, you should read the following sections carefullyUnder Allegiant airline’ cancellation policy, we allow you to withdraw your flight booking with Allegiant airlines. The following sections talk about policies of flight cancellation and also about the process involved, 

Highlights of the Allegiant airlines cancellation policy

According to the cancellation policy of Allegiant airlines, passengers need to follow the following guidelines if they don’t want to lose much of the ticket amount. Yes, who would not want to avoid paying for cancellation? And who would not want to save the fare amount if they are boarding the flight or not traveling anymore? So follow these rules:

  • According to the 24 hours cancellation policy of the airline, you can cancel the tickets for free. But you need to fulfill these two criteria:
  • Passengers must withdraw the flight booking before 24 hours get over from the point of the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • Also, they must ensure that a minimum of seven days time is left from the flight departure.
  • If you have booked your flight with Allegiant airlines, but the cancellation is not made from your end, then you are eligible for the refund and compensation. Allegiant Airlines refunds if they cancel or even delay the flight for a significant hour. 

On the other hand, are you thinking of what time does the airline takes to process the refund? Then, you must know that Allegiant Airlines will take at least 5-7 working days to process your refund. So, till then, you need to stay calm and patient. And it never happens that you qualify for a refund and the airline does not pay it back.

What is Trip Flex Protection? 

Now, as per the cancellation policy of Allegiant airlines, if you have bought the Trip Flex booking, you get the chance to make changes in the date, destination, or flight for once, even after the completion of 24 hours. But you need to buy this Trip flex protection at the time of booking itself. 

What is the cost of Trip flex Protection?

However, the cost of Trip Flex protection varies based on several factors, such as the routes of the flight. But the standard cost that you need to pay while purchasing this is $8 to $20. If you buy this while booking your flight with Allegiant Airlines, then you don’t need to pay $75 at the time of flight change or cancellation, as required otherwise.

How to cancel my Allegiant airlines flight?

We are going to discuss in detail the cancellation process of the air ticket with Allegiant airlines. Let’s first learn how to do it through the website. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Once you launch the website of the airline, go to the manage booking section.
  • Enter the information in the fields required. To navigate your booking with Allegiant airlines, you need to enter the confirmation number and the last name or the surname of the passenger.
  • Your booking will appear. Then, choose the flight you have to call off.
  • Furthermore, hit on the refund requesting button. If your ticket qualities for the refund, fill in the form. 
  • Hit on the cancel button, and your cancelation is confirmed.

Once you receive an email for the same, you can make sure that your flight is canceled with Allegiant airlines. However, if you are sure that you might be traveling anytime soon, you can turn your flight cancellation into travel credits. And you can later use these credits or points for booking a flight in the near future. While doing this, you can avoid the time taking and long process of applying for the refund and then waiting for the refund amount to show up in your bank accounts. 

Moreover, if someone is looking to avoid the cancellation process but needs to cancel the ticket anyhow, can call us our customer service number. Yes, you can dial our helpline number for bookings and cancellations, both. 

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