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7 Tips for Using Charger Plates & Fine China Sourced on Rent

It is best to opt for charger plate rentals before inquiring about fine China for rent when you are eager to play host for an upcoming party. 

Organizing an event calls for hard work. Sure, you can hire professionals to take over the responsibility. Still, you must be prepared to provide the team with instructions and alternatives when a specific item is not easy to source. Yes! You have to order just the right quantity of plates and glasses to serve food and arrange for decoration. Well, it is time to opt for novelty by asking for high-quality charger plate rentals this time. Whether you happen to be a committed host or an event organizer trying to earn a living, you cannot go wrong by renting the best possible charger plates today.

The term is not too well known and may confuse. It suffices to know that a charger plate is a great way to add a stylized element to the dining table. It can transform the dining table top and grab attention like never before. The notion may be a bit unfamiliar but worth the cost.

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Charger Plate: what does it mean?

Be sure to instruct the event planner or server about placing a charger plate under each primary dinnerware item before serving food to the guests. These plates remain spotless and are not meant to be touched by food items while dinner is on. The server can substitute the plate with one for the next course without additional effort. The charger plate also prevents spills and stains on the clean table cloth and napkins.

Guidelines for using Charger Plates

  1. Settle on a theme and highlight it with charger plates. Feel free to pick and choose from the enormous varieties made available by rental companies.
  2. Pick a round or a square shape for the charger plate and use it effectively to create the right effect.
  3. You may want to create the best possible atmosphere by opting for the perfect linen, table centerpiece, glasses, and silverware. The entire atmosphere should be harmonious, with nothing standing out like a sore thumb.
  4. You may go a step further and place the menu card and napkins on a napkin holder right on the charger plate itself. This needs to be done well ahead of dinner time so that the guests can have a look at the menu and decide on their seat if it has not been pre-decided.
  5. The dinner plates and bowls are also placed on top of the charger plates. However, some dining etiquettes recommend placing the plate containing entrees directly on the table cloth, but many prefer to have the charger plate beneath it too.
  6. The servers must make sure to remove the charger plates after the main course, however. Dessert plates do not require the charger as the dessert usually does not spill or stain the table linen.
  7. Professional servers would be well aware of the technique and will ensure wiping the charger plate before placing the next course plate on it.

China for rent

Finding fine China for rent will enable you to finalize the preparations for a dinner party or make arrangements for serving food on varied occasions.

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