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7 Reasons To Visit The UK In Winter

Reasons To Visit The UK In Winter

The climate of Great Britain is mild and humid because it is formed under the influence of the warm current of the Gulf Stream. There are no extreme temperature fluctuations, and precipitation is evenly distributed throughout the year. Summers in the UK are not hot, and winters are quite warm. 

The British themselves joke that there is a climate all over the world, and they have only weather in Foggy Albion, it is so changeable and unpredictable. Weather is a topic of constant discussion and joke in England. To calculate the age of a person, you can easily calculate it using an online age calculator.

So if you are an avid fan of downhill skiing and other snow activities, it is better to choose another country for your winter vacation. And if you can’t imagine your vacation without the sea, sun and good weather – you are definitely not here. 

However, if you have long dreamed of visiting the UK, this amazing country with a rich history and cultural traditions, then I advise you to do it in winter. And here are seven reasons why.

  1. In winter, there are much fewer visitors, so you can easily get to places where you have to stand in a long queue in the summer months. This is especially true in London, where there are a huge number of interesting museums, art galleries, historic buildings, theaters, and other attractions. 

Skip-the-line access to The Eye of London, the world’s largest Ferris wheel, with a unique view of the Kingdom’s capital, and easy access to the famous Madame Tussauds… All of the above applies to other cities in Great Britain – Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff … At tourist sites here the atmosphere in the winter is much more pleasant and calmer than in the summer months. For information: in July-August, more than one and a half million tourists come to the UK from the mainland, so it is better not to plan your trip for this time.

  1. Accommodation in the winter is much cheaper (unless, of course, you get into the Christmas holidays). You can get great discounts on stays in hotels, guesthouses, and campgrounds. Sometimes accommodation can cost half as much as in July or August.
  2. You can save on prices when visiting attractions. Often during the winter, various promotions and discounted events are organized to attract tourists.
  3. Lovers of the beauty of nature will appreciate the unique winter landscapes of this country. Deprived of their leaves, the trees open to the eyes of tourists in winter what is usually not seen in summer. Be sure to visit the national parks of Scotland and Wales. See how beautiful the Caledonian Forest is in winter, a relic forest that once covered all of Scotland. Lakes and mountains gleam through the skeletons of winter trees.
  4. Sunlight passing through the prism of winter clouds is very unusual at this time of the year. You can get incredible photos! The lighting in the mountains and in the area of ​​lakes is especially interesting. Admire the mesmerizing view of dense fog that swirls impressively across all Scottish rivers.
  5. Of course, sometimes you don’t want to go far because of heavy rain or cold winds. But then you will have a great excuse to dive into one of the pubs of this welcoming country. When the weather rages outside the walls, it becomes even cozier inside.
  6. Since there are much fewer tourists, locals will be more eager to chat with you in winter. They are much more willing to help you, show you interesting places and tell you about them.


The ancient county of Wiltshire is famous for its wide valleys, historically interesting buildings, and the famous ancient monument of the Neolithic era – Stonehenge. Stonehenge will seem even more incredible if you are lucky enough to see it covered with snow.

North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire is famous for the North York swamps and Yorkshire valleys – national parks in Great Britain. This region is famous for its rugged beauty. Visit York with its amazing architecture and the largest Gothic cathedral in Europe, and visit the ruins of Whitby Abbey.


Cornwall, a county with an ancient history and home to the main character of British legends, King Arthur, is extremely popular all year round, especially in summer, but fishing is better here in winter and there are much fewer tourists. The views and landscapes of Cornwall have inspired many writers and artists.

Be sure to visit the Eden (Garden of Eden) project. This unique botanical garden, in which plants from all over the world are collected, arouses the constant interest of tourists at any time of the year.


London invites tourists all year round. Many museums, galleries, and attractions await your visit during the winter.


Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. This beautiful city is especially interesting for history and architecture lovers.


One of England’s sparsely populated counties, Northumberland is renowned for its nature, which has inspired many landscape painters.


Bath is a city with an ancient history, extremely popular with tourists at any time of the year. In addition to numerous historical sights, this place has natural thermal springs that always attract vacationers.


Cambridgeshire is famous for the ancient city of Cambridge, one of the most prestigious universities in the world.


Hampshire is one of the most beautiful counties in the south of England. In the past, it was a royal hunting ground, and now it is a national park in England.


In the county of Cumbria, there is the Lake District National Park – one of the most beautiful places in the Kingdom.

What time of the year were you in this country (or are you going to visit it)? Do you think winter is the best time to visit the UK? 

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