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CHANDRASHILA is the best traveling destination in UTTARAKHAND and this place is famous to hunt for trekking. From every nook of UTTARAKHAND, people come here for the sake of adventurous pleasure. But there are lots of places near CHANDRASHILA which you can visit without spending a single penny. Listing down some of the best places which you might be unaware of and would definitely bring a different kind of experience. Furthermore, if you want to stay in the best hotels near CHANDRSHILA then AIPAN RESORT has opened the door of opportunity. 




Want to be the witness of the world’s most panoramic beauty of the world? 

Yes, this is one of the highest temples of UTTARAKHAND and it is interesting to see the place which has created the name on the page of history. People have huge faith in this temple and every year millions of visitors come from every nook of the EARTH. This place is in CHANDRASHILA peak and that is why someone needs to do trekking if they want to reach the temple. From the top of the peak, each and everything you can see in the utmost beautiful way. As per the mythology, this is a place where lord SHIVA has done meditation and rest story you can learn from local lived here. 


Besides the MANDAKINI valley, this place is enhancing the beauty which makes it a wonderland for the visitors. This lake has existed at much altitude but once you visit this place, it would be hard to define the beauty in a single word. In this place, the gathering is less because most of the people are unaware of this destination. Furthermore, trekking is also complicated for the trekking lover than other trekking destinations. Waterfalls, forests, creatures, and many more epic views this place offers to the comers in UTTARAKHAND.  

  • MANDAL – 

This is not an ordinary village in the CHANDRASHILA, MANDAL is an amalgamation of the scenic beauty of nature and lively heaven experience. Most trekkers prefer to choose this place when it comes to relaxation after long hours of trekking. Nothing is more effective than resting in a lap of nature. Mandal is recommended for everyone and if you haven’t visited any village then this village would give you fascinating reason to come again. Even there are no boundation visitors can spend as much time as per their desire.

  • CHOPTA – 

CHOPTA is one of the best places which is known as – mini SWITZERLAND of UTTARAKHAND and there are the enormous thing which you enjoy here. Some famous activities are trekking, camping, panoramic views of the Himalayan, and bird watching which give you an offbeat experience. Including the scenic beauty, visitors can find the best stays in CHOPTA which is designed in order to bring the best comfort and cozy sleep. 


Want to see the scary dark zone of the cave? If yes, this place can fulfill your this wish too. 

In this Eco Cave Garden,  seven caves are there where someone can hang out with friends. In the serene and adventurous environment, it becomes easy to hear the chirping of birds of diverse species. This cave is naturally developed years ago and that is why it senses a natural adventurous pleasure. The best time to visit this place is from morning to evening ( 9 am to 6 pm ). 


JEOLIKOT is one of the best places where you can see the art and skilled work of horticulture. There is a wide variety of flora and fauna, which could take pleasure of nature walks in the mood-relaxing breeze. From this place, it takes approximately three days to reach NAINITAL. But this place has lots of interesting things to do and that is why it will not let you move out of this destination. Whether you are a photographer or nature lover, this place has the utmost attractive scene to capture. 


This place is nearest to the NAINITAL and visiting this place would bring a kinda different experience. If you are a photographer then this place has a majestic view of Himalayan ranges which someone can capture in their cameras. Every place is well-known for different kinds of things in UTTARAKHAND, similarly, the panoramic view has made this place famous. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape, bugyals then it is time to fly high in the boat of ranges. 


NEXT time make sure you visit all the places near CHANDRASHILA, UTTARAKHAND. Nature has preserved the beauty for the comers whose life is on the boring track due to the exhausting city life. To add some fuel of exhilarating feeling, people need to visit once in a lifetime. 

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