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5 Steps Idea to Host Food Drive Campaign

There are tens of thousands of nonprofit organizations and individuals across the country raising funds and collecting supplies to fight hunger. These resources are often in high demand after disasters, yet organizations cannot keep pace with demand and cannot meet community needs.

We have seen that with the recent outbreak of COVID-19. Families are finding that their next meal isn’t assured as schools are closed, millions are out of work, and a recession is looming. That’s why the food drive campaign is so important! There is an unmet need that is being addressed by community members worldwide.

It may seem overwhelming to organize a food drive, but it can be quite easy.

In no time, you will be ready to host one by following the steps outlined below:

STEP 1: Establish a Local Partnership

Finding an organization working in your community to fight hunger is the first step. Food banks and food pantries are a valuable resource, and Feeding America, a nationwide network of over 200, serves as a great resource.

Communicate with the team of an organization after locating them to find out what resources will be most beneficial to them. Donating food is rarely the best solution. Buying food at a lower price for distribution to families makes money much more useful since food banks know their food can be a part of a campaign.

Additionally, since social distancing is likely to remain in place for some time, food banks find it safer to collect money and purchase their food from one consistent location rather than from many different sources.

STEP 2: Pick Your Team

You should also gather a group of dedicated volunteers who can organize and plan your food drive campaign effectively. Volunteers and staff members from your nonprofit organization are likely to make up your team if you’re already a part of one. If you are hosting a food drive campaign on your own, be sure to ask your friends and neighbors to help out.

STEP 3: Create a Crowd-Funding Campaign

Food drives that collect money are often more effective than food drives that collect food because monetary donations are so much more valuable. 

Food donation volunteer

You can gather donations from persons who want to support your cause by hosting a crowdfunding project. Probably you can also raise money worldwide.

STEP 4: Reach Out to Others

Getting the word out about your food drive fundraiser is the next (and probably most important) step. People cannot participate in a fundraiser if they don’t know about it.

The social distancing of many people makes it difficult for them to volunteer and contribute. You can use virtual campaigns and food drive flyers to inspire others to contribute in new ways by setting up a community food drive and spreading the word.

food drive ads

Virtual food drives are one of the best uses of crowdfunding campaigns because they can be done from anywhere in the world. You need to make sure everyone hears about the event to make sure it’s a success!

Utilize social media, your charity or organization’s website, personal contacts, and emails to encourage as many people as possible to become donors. You can help more people with a successful digital strategy.

STEP 5: Schedule a Drop-off Time

Providing instructions and space to facilitate the drop-off of food items is still necessary, even if your food drive is mostly virtual.

Individuals who are involve for the right reasons but aren’t financially able to do so may benefit from accepting food donations. Families and even single people can donate any non-perishable foods they already have in their homes in this way!

Pick a time and place that are convenient for individuals to drop off their items. Even willing donors are less likely to participate if they are too far away or at an inopportune time. You could, for instance, leave a box at the community center for donations where foods are drop-off at any time throughout the week.

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