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5 Kitchen Essentials for Modern Lifestyle

Nowadays, technologies, science, and art are creating a wonderful future for human beings in every kind of field. It can be offices, schools/colleges, household industries, and kitchens. But today, our topic is what are the 5 kitchen essentials that could help our readers to cook their food way easier than before.

Cutting board

This is the most basic essential that the reader or a cook needs in his/her kitchen. The cutting board is also called the chopping board, and it helps to cut the raw food items like fresh fruits, raw nuts, and seeds. All-natural vegetable, etc. these products come in various type of color which specifies the different type of food like yellow board refers to the meat/flesh, brown board relates to vegetables, green board refers to salads and fruits, purple board refers to nuts, red board refers to raw meat and blue board refers to raw fish. And these colors help prevent cross-infection/recontamination. So the advice is whenever using the board, stick to color.

Measuring cups / measuring spoons

This essential equipment helps measure the volume of liquid or any solid substance like flour or sugar or any food ingredients used while cooking. And these cups come in four types 1cup, 1 / 2 cup, 1 / 3 cup, and 1 / 4. This product is very useful. Measuring spoons of this essential equipment are different from measuring cups. The size of the measuring spoon is smaller than the measuring cups, and measuring spoons have plastic and metal bodies. It comes in five sizes which are 1 / 4 tsp, 1 / 2 tsp, 1 tsp, 1 / 2 Tbsp, and 1 Tbsp. All measures are shown in milliliters. And this helps to measure a small amount of liquid and a small amount of solid substance like spices powder.

Vegetable Peeler

Our third essential piece of equipment is a vegetable peeler. This equipment also saves a huge amount of time. The vegetable peeler is a separate/distinct type of kitchen knife. It has a sharp metal blade that is attached to a handle and helps to remove the outer skin of some vegetables like potatoes, carrots, broccoli, and not only vegetable it helps to peel the layer of the fruits like apples and pears, etc. You can score amazing deals at Memorial Day Deals 2022 to get discounts on amazing products.


Our next essential piece of equipment is a whisk, or rotary mixer, another helpful piece of kitchen equipment that helps blend or coalesce the ingredient smoothly. The whisk has a handle and a series of wire loops joined at the end, and it comes in 9 different types of whisks. Balloon whisk, French whisk, ball whisk, flat whisk, spring whisk, Danish whisk, mini whisk, kettle whisk, and spiral whisk. And the common whisk is balloon whisk and French whisk, which are used more in the kitchen.


Most useful and important essential equipment while cooking in the kitchen. A knife is used in various types while cutting, chopping, peeling, slicing, and in other kitchen tasks; the knife is a thin and sharp blade attached to a handle, and there are 8 types of knives used in a kitchen. 1- chef knife, 2- utility knife, 3- bread knife, 4- cleaver or butcher knife, 5- paring knife, 6- filleting knife, 7-Santoku knife, and 8- carving knife. And there are more knives in different types and sizes.

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