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5 Basic Signs Which Indicate Ducted AC Needs A Service

The ducted air conditioning system is the ultimate climate control solution. This device will help to permeate cool air through your house and help in maintaining a cool and comfortable ambiance. It helps in controlling the temperature of individual areas through various controlling points. The ducted air conditioners are discreet, efficient, and capable of reducing your energy expenditure. Ultimately, it will help in reducing your electricity bills. 

Ultimately, increasing the value of your property. Just like any other electrical equipment, it is very important to maintain things in good condition. You should call professionals like air conditioning Sydney contractors for the maintenance of your AC. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 signs which tell that your ducted AC needs a service:

Why Ducted AC Service Is Important?

The ducted AC is quite advanced equipment that needs regular maintenance to keep them operating in good condition. There are so many benefits of regular servicing:

  • The life of the AC is extended and it can perform well for a long period.
  • By doing service of the air conditioning unit, the efficiency of the air conditioning AC. When you do regular maintenance, then it will help in maintaining the desired temperature and also help in removing moisture from the air.
  • When you do regular maintenance, then your AC will not work hard and perform well. Ultimately, it will help to keep your energy level down.
  • Regular maintenance will help to keep the dirt and debris to a low level. It will help to reduce indoor pollution and protect from health-related problems.
  • Small issues can be easily detected and prevent you from the big repairs.

Signs That Help To determine Your AC Needs A Repair 

There are plenty of issues that are common in various types of air conditioning systems. But due to their size and complexity, the ducted ACs can exhibit various issues that you would not find in other types of cooling devices. Some of these signs are mentioned below:

Damaged Ductwork

The ductwork in the air conditioning system plays a very important role. The ducts are made up of different types of material. With time, punctures can happen, and joins may lose. These kinds of problems can lead to escaping air and decreasing the efficiency of the system. Due to the leakage in the ducts, approximately 30% of the home’s cooling can be wasted. Ultimately, it affects the efficiency of your AC.

If you observe that one room of your home is cooling better than the other room, then we recommend you check the leakage in the ductwork. Call the professional and they will seal the leakage.

Blocked Ducts

Blocked ducts stop the airflow from one position to another. There could be various causes for the blockage in the ducts such as vermin, rats, mice, etc. Plugged ducts will block the movement of air and the ducted AC will not be able to efficiently cool down various sections in the house. In addition to this, feces and urine accumulation inside the ducts can create health concerns. 

If you observe foul smell and low cooling effects in different rooms of your house, then it indicates something wrong in the ductwork. You need to thoroughly clean various ducts of ducted AC.

Dirty Ducts

Over time, dust, dirt, grime, and other harmful pollutants start accumulating inside the duct. Airflow through the ducts will get mixed with the pollutant and redistributed inside the house. It will significantly affect indoor air quality. If you observe a foul smell and reduce the efficiency of your ducted air conditioning system, then you need to call the professionals for the maintenance work.

Insulation Problem

The ducted ACs are quite different from the split air conditioning system. In the ducted ACs, there would be a large distance between the compressor and air conditioning grilles. The large distance led to the loss of energy while carrying the cool air from one place to another. Insulation work can reduce energy loss and increase the efficiency of your system. If you are observing the reduced efficiency of your AC unit, then you should check the insulation of your home.

Dirty Coils

The coils of the condenser and evaporator units of the ducted AC can collect dirt and dust. It can reduce the efficiency of your AC. You should regularly clean the coils in the outdoor units for maintaining the optimum level of efficiency of ducted AC. The dirty coils can significantly reduce the airflow and efficiency of AC. 

The dirty coils lead to overheating and breakdown of AC. If you observe overheating of coils, then it’s time to call the professionals such as ducted air conditioning Sydney professionals. Maintenance of ducted AC is very important to enjoy a cool and healthy ambiance inside your home throughout the summer season.


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