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5 Amazing Ways To Use Your Graphic Pen Tablet

Tablets are more comfortable devices and gadgets than laptops. They are small in size and offer multiple accessibility and compatibility with peripheral devices and designing software and games. These are perfect to play games, chats, calls, meetings, designing work, etc. You can spend hours on a graphic pen tablet and make your day more happening!

Things you can access on Huion Graphic Pen Tablet

Tablet Marketplace has increased a lot in the past few years and due to the pandemic market share of tablets has increased much in the count. The blog contains amazing accessibility you can access from a graphic pen tablet.

Price, specification Huion Kamvas 13 display tablet Android connectivity.

Install games on tablet

Staying all day at one place impacts the productivity of your work. Install your favorite compatible games and apps on your tablet and reduce the boredom of lengthy tasks. Huion pen tablet is designed with a beautiful anti-glare screen that would be comfortable to play games. If you are traveling and don’t have an internet connection then playing games will be worth your time and doesn’t let you bore or sleepy and make your journey more interesting.


If you don’t want to play apps and games then tablets can be an entertainment partner. Save your favorite movies, tv show episodes in memory and make your journey more enjoyable. The tablet is viable with decent image resolution and colors quality so please keep your tablet while you are traveling. Buy a compact size or medium size tablet so it won’t take much space in your bag and also would not feel heavier.

You can install movie streaming apps on your tablet and watch your favorite movies and Tv shows. Do add a watch item list in the library tab option.

Download Android Apps

If you have purchased the Android graphic pen tablet then you can connect it with an android smartphone. Android Tablet offers you access to google play store apps, and games too. Install google play store on an android tablet, search for your favorite apps on it. Click to download your favorite games and applications.

The apps market is evolving over the years and new apps are being launched by app manufacturers and developers. Get connected to your tablets and improve your entertainment experience.

Google play store has listed over 1m+ apps for different accessibility. These apps you can share on social media platforms and play along with friends and family.

Install Social connectivity apps

Nowadays due to serious global infectious disease, we can’t step outside, the only way to interact with our friends and families is through social media apps and websites. 

You can make new connections, schedule and organize meetings. All these social media apps offer multiple amazing features to improve your chat experience.

You can manage one-on-one video calling, family mode google duo calling meeting, screen sharing, AR effects implementation, standard calling. You can avoid the discomfort of not meeting up with your favorite people and friends and connect virtually using the video accessibility social media apps.

Kids’ content on the tablet

While you are working on a tablet how can you keep away the kids from such gadgets? The Android Huion Pen tablet can also offer apps and accessibilities to entertain kids. Modern age kids get really curious and fascinated with the gadgets and they easily get hands on the gadget’s features. 

On Android tablets, so many apps are available to install and function. You can find the kids app on play store in a separate category. You can discover quality apps on your android tablet and handover to kids without any tension. 

Download ebooks for kids, offline kids games, video creation play apps on play store. Your kids will have a notorious experience with these kids’ apps. To manage the safety, customize the privacy & security controls, apply filters and functions for a safe experience.

Tablets are great to manage your daily online activities, entertainment, educational activities, kids’ activities, and fun accessibility. You can visit various eCommerce sites and get graphic design products online. Confirm your delivery at your doorstep, at cost-efficient prices.

Currently, Wacom, Apple, Huion has launched high-performance, premium features accessibility tablet models for their customers. One can look for the specification and features for the best graphic tablet in India.

  1. Huion RTS 300
  2. Wacom Cintiq 16 pro
  3. Huion RTP 700
  4. Apple iPad WiFi iOS Tablet
  5. Huion RTM 500

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