3 Different Shapes of Custom Jewelry Boxes in 2022

The custom jewelry boxes come in different styles and shapes. Women are always attracted to jewelry items. Whether it’s a small ring or a locket, women demand beautiful jewelry boxes to wrap items. Moreover, young girls are more attracted to artificial things and jewelry. Still, they will never buy any product unless wrapped inside a perfect jewelry box. So, for any jeweler, ordering the custom jewelry box’s wholesale number is a routine task.

On the other hand, simple boxes are not enough. You might be selling top-class jewelry in your shop. Is that enough? No! How you will convince the movers and general public audience to enter your shop? This is the main work strategy of jewelry boxes. Once you will wrap the items in fascinating and beautiful jewelry boxes and display them to the public, they will get attention. Every woman walking around will take a look at the boxes and jump inside the shop. Afterward, your core product quality works. So, these boxes are widely been used to attract women and convince them to buy jewelry.

The women also need protection from the Jewelry boxes. So, the idea is to craft the product boxes using quality cardboard material. The jewelry item is a long-lasting usable thing. So, if the boxes will fade out or are torn, this is a bad sign for the company. Moreover, the women need boxes that are smart and attractive to look at. Do you have a design for jewelry boxes? Just share the idea with us!

Oval Shape

How about trying an oval shape of Jewelry Boxes? The idea may be new and different for you and the general public. This means you will flip the boxes to open the jewelry. This will increase women’s swag level, as they are carrying jewelry in a unique box. On the other hand, this is also a useful addition to your product packaging side. Let us send the small sizes of rings and lockets, while we will create oval-shaped boxes for you. Indeed, these will increase your brand presence, and your jewelry items will become the mouth of words. Packaging Forest believes that there is nothing big or small, it’s all about quality packaging solutions.

Rectangular Shape

Maybe this is a common style indeed. For sure, you have seen these boxes wrapping lockets and hand accessories. Well, we will add some unique elements of designs like ribbons. These rectangular boxes for jewelry wrapping will look nice with colorful ribbons and party elements. You will find a copy of the gift boxes. The women can’t ignore these types of pops and shows. In 2021, we have designed hundreds of rectangular boxes with different ideas and design patterns. All these boxes are doing great for their shopkeepers.

That is why we are confident that our rectangular boxes will leave a lasting impact. In 2022, we have customized these boxes with different add on like ribbons and infographics. Stay updated with the latest trends in the market. Leave no room for the competitors to jump in. You take care of the product quality and we will handle the jewelry boxes quality for sure.

Die Cut Boxes

For jewelry, these boxes are hit always. No need to add any single design ingredients. Just the perfect die and a logo, that’s all. The die-cut boxes are a special treat for your jewelry. We have designed a lot in this niche, so this is your turn to do. We know how to create outstanding die-cut boxes for customers especially jewelers. This way, we create success stories for us and for you too.

Die Cut boxes are created with care and precision. We use modern die-cut processes for a smooth finish. This will have a quality add-on to your jewelry products. Can’t wait for more? Just visit our gallery and find interesting die-cut designs created for our clients so far. Contrary to this, we leave no room for errors as when it comes to packaging, our company has a big name in the market. We offer free shipping to all our customers worldwide, at their doorstep. Just call our customer support, share ideas and let us make packaging a source of branding.

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