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15 Essential Tips to Run a Better Virtual Town Hall Meeting

After the pandemic, hosting a Town Hall Meetings became a task. Primarily for enterprises scattered across different cities or countries, as all the employees were not present in the same location. Regardless, the visionary blend of the events industry and technological advances has made it attainable to host crucial meetings like Town Halls with utmost perfection.

In this blog, we will help you explore the 15 most essential and advantageous tips. These tips will help you guarantee the success & efficacy of your Virtual Town Hall Meeting.

Virtual Town Hall Meeting Platform

15 Tips to Hosting a Matchless Virtual Town Hall Meeting


#1 Pre-Define Your Purpose behind hosting the Town Hall

Specifying your purpose behind arranging a Virtual Town Hall Meeting is the most fundamental while begin the planning. A predetermined objective does not only help you to create an understandable layout but also in formulating appropriate content.

#2 Choose a Suitable Virtual Town Hall Meeting Platform

A Virtual Town Hall Meeting Platform is the most crucial factor to bring your online meeting to life. Therefore, choose an appropriate platform that offers you creative and valuable tools to elevate the effectiveness of your meeting. An advanced online meeting platform is well-resourced with the most relevant features. And, these features can help you embellish the success possibilities of your online meeting. 

#3 Provide Excellent Interactive Opportunities

Offering interactive opportunities is another crucial tip for your town hall meeting. Interactive features like live polls, trivia, Q&A sessions, contests, etc., can not only help you to make the meeting more pleasant but also raise the prospects of your event’s audience engagement.

#4 Create an Engaging Virtual Town Hall 

It is important to understand that as your participants are attending the event over a screen. Therefore, their concentration span is fairly less than that during an on-site event. Therefore, incorporating incredible engaging and interactive features at your Online Town Hall Meeting is very substantial to confirm its efficacy. Any online event meets the heights of expansion only if it delivers an impressive event experience to its remote audience. And, your participants’ satisfaction lies in the components of your event. Therefore, make sure you ensure engagement at your online event.

#5 Use a Variation in the Meeting Sessions

Too many instructive sessions can bore your participants. Hence, incorporate a variety of meeting sessions in your virtual town hall meeting agenda to assure that all your participants have a satisfactory event experience throughout the meeting. 

#6 Include the Feature of Gamification

Gamification of an online meeting is one amongst the easiest ways to gain engagement of your attendees throughout the event. Online town hall meeting services provide numerous fun gamification features like tic-tac-toe, spin the wheel, scavenger hunts, crossword, and a lot more.

#7 Include an Event-Moderator

For an online meeting, where attendees are present with the anticipation to interact, it is vital to include a moderator. A Virtual Town Hall is hosted to share useful company updates & information with all the participants or employees. And, a moderator can unquestionably ensure a seamless flow of this vital conversation. It is so as they can have access controls over the event tools to ensure that the meeting goes well.

#8 Bring a Meeting Host On Board

Similar to how a virtual meeting moderator is needed to conduct the town hall seamlessly without any hindrances or disturbances, the meeting host can be the face of your online meeting. The virtual meeting host is bound to make sure that the online event is on track and on time. The work of a virtual meeting host is to begin the town hall, exemplify the agenda, introduce the speakers, handle the cooperation, and finish the meeting. 

#9 Review the Event Technology

Inspecting your event technology support by testing it before taking your meeting online is important. It is another vital tip to guarantee your event’s efficacy. Therefore, make sure you inspect all the features & tools of your Online Meeting Platform to sidestep any probable blunders or glitches during the meeting.

#10 Include Ice-Breaking Activities

Entertaining ice-breaking activities can not only grab your participants’ concentration but also motivate them to connect with each other. When you schedule an Online Meeting, it is vital to assure that your attendees are not just present at the event but are also actively interested in the event too. To prompt an ice-breaking communication between your online participants, you can begin the meeting session by asking engrossing work-related queries, introducing new joiners to everyone, etc.

#11 Celebrate the Achievements of Your Company

Celebrating the accomplishments of your company can elevate the essence of all the participants. Individuals like to be recognized for their work. However, a town hall can help you acknowledge the hard work of your mates and toast them for the same. It will not only support you in keeping your participants drawn towards the meeting but will also motivate them for better performance.

#12 Make it Effortless to Join the Meeting

Challenging navigation is one of the most common reasons why people fail to access online meetings. The cause can at moments be technical blocks like device service or the unavailability of valid links. Thus, ensure that your virtual meeting is easy to join. 

#13 Give Your Department Heads a Chance to Speak

Like other participants, the team leaders and departmental heads also expect to be appreciated for their hard work. While it is a great idea to let the administrators begin the meeting, your remote attendees might lose concentration if only one person keeps speaking throughout the meeting. Therefore, provide your department heads a chance to communicate with the audience at the event too.

#14 Don’t Bore Your Participants!

You are required to assure that your remote audience feels drawn instead of having tedious online meeting experience. To assure that your participants feel intrigued throughout the virtual meeting, keep the sessions short. Also, include breaks to diminish online meeting fatigue.

#15 Collect Valuable Feedback From Your Participants

The purpose behind gathering your attendees’ feedback is to comprehend the effectiveness of the meeting from the viewpoint of your virtual attendees. 

This feedback can be about any topic be it your attendees’ event experience or about the subjects discussed at the virtual meeting. 

Bring these mentioned tips together and create an exceptional Virtual Town Hall Meeting! 


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