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12 Most Popular Streaming TV Services

12 Most Popular Streaming TV Services The streaming industry has seen an explosion with new platforms, but the different streamers have had various levels of success the battle for customers.

Updated on 21st jan, 2022. Most of the time streaming providers are always growing their subscriber base, however sometimes like in the case of HBO Max, streaming services may even drop their total number of subscribers.

Paramount+Exact Figures Unknown

However Paramount+’s parent company ViacomCBS hasn’t provided specific numbers regarding its streaming services’ performance. In the last few days the company revealed that it has more than 47 million subscribers across all of their services.

But, this number covers the entire streaming portfolio of the conglomerate which includes Paramount+, Showtime, and BET+. The precise breakdown of the number of subscribers each of them has is not yet known.

Shudder – 1 Million

Shudder from AMC Shudder is among the few successful projects in the small-scale streaming market. Although 1 million users may not sound like an enormous number, it’s actually quite a large number for a low-budget , horror-only platform. In addition it’s a good sign. also read: https www voot com activate

ESPN+ – 14.9 Million

ESPN the owned by Disney sports network it launched its streaming version in the past few years. Since then, it’s accumulated nearly 15 million users due because of the Disney bundle that comprises Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ at a discounted cost.

Discovery+ – 18 Million

Discovery+ has more than 18 million users as of today that have registered to stream shows from the Discovery library. It was first began its rollout with the U.S. in January 2021 however it first rolled out in India in March 2020.

The focus of Discovery+ is lifestyle contentthat focuses on food, home improvement and history, animals along with the supernatural. Discovery+ is a combination of original content along with a library of shows from all the networks which Discovery owns, like Food Network, TLC, Animal Planet, HGTV, and many more.

Apple TV+ Around 19 Million

However, in November of 2019 the ever-growing company introduced Apple TV+. Following that, the service gained million of subscribers…but solely because it offered free subscriptions to people who bought a brand new device.

 While it’s a bit lower than the exaggerated numbers but it’s still a decent number for a service that’s just launched. Apple TV+ has also been able to get some excellent programming that features A-list talent like the Morning Showand the Emmy-winning Ted Lassoalso read : calculator app hider

Hulu – 42.8 Million

This allows customers to view new episodes of upcoming networks on the day and date of their the release. America. Hulu has won a plethora of awards for its programming , and continues to launch popular new original series such as Only Murders in the Building and Nine Perfect Strangers.

Peacock – 54 Million

Peacock is the linear network’s entry into the world of digital streaming. Therefore, not to be surprised, it’s possible to stream any popular TV show from NBC networks such as USA, Bravo, and Syfy, making Peacock ideal for those who love reality television because of shows like Real Housewives and Below Deck.

youtube mp3 converter But, the majority of the 54 million customers use the free service according to sources, and there are just 10 million paid customers.

Crunchyroll – 120 Million

The streaming service based on anime, Crunchyroll, has boomed in popularity in recent times. It offers both paid and free content from popular anime series such as One PieceAttack on TitanNaruto, and many more.

The most sought-after source for manga and anime material, Crunchyroll has amassed an astonishing 12 million registered users..

But, like Peacock the number may be somewhat misleading, since only 5 million people pay for the premium plan. But, with ads-supported streaming and several million paying subscribers, SONY saw the potential of the streaming platform and recently purchased the service from AT&T for $1.2 billion.

Amazon Prime Video – 175 Million

In addition to a myriad of shows on the network, including Mr. Robot, and earlier episodes from Dexter, Amazon Prime Video provides access to amazing original programming across all genres possible, such as The Boys, The Marvelous Mrs.

Maisel and Invincible. With lots of Emmy acknowledgement, Amazon is certainly a major player in the world of streaming.

Netflix – 213.5 Million

It’s no surprise that Netflix has the top spot in the world of streaming, with more than 213 million subscribers.

The streaming company gained notoriety for its hugely successful shows such as the critically acclaimed Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or Orange is the New Black which really made Netflix onto the map during its early times.

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