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11 Digital Marketing Tips for 2022: Dominate the Online World

The last two years have accounted for substantial change in digital marketing. Businesses all over the world relied on digital agency services to establish and sustain their global brand identity. While the pandemic brought major changes in people’s lives, it also altered how the world relied on their phones for their day-to-day activities. Be it telemedicine or online shopping, if the recent times have taught businesses something, it is to integrate the following digital marketing tips to sustain the ever-growing competition:

Tell a story through visual content

Storytelling visualization has played a key role in the establishment of a robust brand identity. The concept of incorporating hard data with human communication has allowed big and small businesses alike to present their narrative intriguingly. Facts show that 80% of people are more driven to content that contains colored visuals, whereas 85% are more likely to buy a product that features a video. Moreover, storytelling through visual content has also increased engagement by 180% and hence, proven to be a beneficial strategy.

Go big at social media or go home, literally

Did you know that the pandemic led to an influx of 400 million new users on various social media platforms? However, there also has been a significant shift of audience from Facebook to other platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter. This consumer shift has, in turn, allowed brands to escalate their reach to new audiences, along with simultaneously serving the existing, long-term customers.

OPT for conversational marketing

Although traditional in-store shopping is witnessing a gradual yet significant downfall, people still find themselves reminiscing indulging in interactions with the salesperson. However, brands that have added this conversational element in their marketing approach, experienced a greater conversion rate. People are more driven to respond to human-like messages on the site for their queries which has led to the immense popularity of conversational commerce. Website features such as the live chat option have alone contributed to 38% more sales and have even been termed as the most important online shopping tool by 44% of consumers.

Be Personal

When a customer has two relatively similar products in front of them, they are most likely to pick one that impresses them the most. Since online shopping doesn’t let customers physically assess the item, how do you think they make the right choice? The answer is by utilizing a personalized digital marketing strategy. Websites that customize their eCommerce practices (such as targeted emails, custom video messages, and product recommendations) enjoy better conversion rates, consumer engagement plus feedback, customer retention, and higher revenues.

Work on a mobile-friendly website

Did you know that mobile phones are responsible for 53% of global website traffic? Since the device accounts for more than half of website influx, it is of core importance to optimize the website to be compatible with it. Mobile-optimized websites render a better user experience, which in turn, increases user retention. According to Google, 49% of people refused to revisit a site with a poor phone experience. In addition, these sites also witness

  • Better website speed
  • Improved Mobile SEO
  • Increase in user engagement and retention
  • Increase in average time spent on the website

Employ Social Commerce

Social commerce is the use of networking platforms as a means for businesses to establish and promote their brand identity. While the phenomenon is not new, it has nonetheless, manifested itself to be of prime importance in modern times. Today, brands have ingeniously utilized influencer marketing and ads that effortlessly incorporate themselves on the consumer’s social media feed.

Brands that have integrated their e-commerce tactics with social media channels have seen a significant rise in their customer engagement, average order value, and SEO rankings. Furthermore, social commerce has shown a considerable improvement in customer insights and audience growth.

Put Blogs on the Website

A marketing strategy that provides an array of advantages to big and small businesses alike, is to add blogs on the website. A blog contains textual content that can say a lot about any topic. Be it a personal blog, or a professional one – the tactic has accounted for 67% more leads for businesses that use it. However, if you think that a short blog will engage a user to a better extent, you might be wrong. Studies have shown that lengthier blogs containing 1200 words have performed 9 times better than those consisting of 500-700 words.

Start an Email Campaign

For those who think that starting an email campaign wouldn’t contribute to better revenue generation, here’s a startling fact. Studies have shown that on average, the said marketing approach has accounted for generating $44 for every $1 spent, which means a whopping $4400% return of investment (ROI).

Email marketing is one of the cheapest marketing strategies capable of introducing. The brand to a global audience through targeted messages. Some beneficial email practices are to send welcoming emails or reminders in case of abandoned shopping carts. Which have shown a substantial increase in opening rates and profits respectively.

Provide people what they are looking for

This might seem like the most obvious tip we can give. But it’s surprising how many brands do not consider it. Many companies focus on selling their product rather than creating a human connection. Before you step out to sell your product on digital marketing platforms. See what the consumer is looking for and tailor your content accordingly. By employing SEO and Google Analytics, it is easier to monitor the keywords that people use for their search. Which companies can incorporate in their blogs and advertisement. The marketing approach not only targets potential users and subsequently converts them into long-term buyers.

Go for rebranding

Consumers are 43% more likely to make a purchase when they come across ads related to their previous product/service searches. This is known as rebranding or remarketing which uses the tag “cookies” to track the online activity of your website visitors. Moreover, Google Ads and Facebook’s “Custom Audience” also lets brands retarget their products on various other websites to attract the user. By consistently reminding your target audience of your brand’s presence you are ensuring that they will turn to you when they have a need to be fulfilled.

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Aim for featured snippets on Google search

There were days when businesses thought the ultimate success was to land on Google’s 1st page. However, today to be on the top or at least on the search engine result pages i.e., SERPs should no longer be the goal that brands should be focusing on.

With the advent of mobile and voice search, search engines especially Google, have changed the way things worked before. Now the quintessential approach is to appear on featured snippets on google search. Featured snippets are a glimpse of the website’s content on the top of the result section. When the user sights the answer to their question on the first glimpse. They usually do not go further down the page. Therefore, it is crucial for brands to establish themselves at ‘position zero’ to get immediate recognition.

Get Started For 2022

Now that you know the key digital marketing strategies to attract customers. Retain them and convert them into long-term consumers. It is time to implement to get started with the new year, with a new vision.

Bilal Ahmed Siddiqui

Bilal is a competent Digital Marketer and Content Producer who has managed to establish himself as a valuable employee wherever he has set camp. His skills have always played a profitable role in various projects, as he has consistently dedicated himself to learning and improving.

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