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What Is The Best Tool To Find Phone Numbers Worldwide?

Why Never Buy Phone Number Database?

Working as a telemarketer for the last 5 years. I’ve tried most of the email data-providing companies available on the market. One thing that I’ve noticed is that the phone number database that I have purchased is 60-65% correct.

If you don’t have any problems with the quality of data. And prefer quantity over quality then you can buy this telemarketing data. But for those who need bulk quality mobile numbers, it’s extremely important to find as many valid mobile numbers on your list as you can.

How Can I Get 100% Real & Valid Phone Number Database Globally?

Luckily, with the help of this article, I will share with you the best technique to build a 100% real and targeted phone number list for mobile marketing. And the best thing about this method is that most of the operations can be performed automatically without any coding.

It’s quite easy to find anyone’s corporate or personal mobile number these days. In most cases, people use simple ways to find anyone’s phone number such as first name, last name, zip code, website URL. So, you can use the best phone number finder tools to find the number of targeted locations and industries. You can find anyone’s mobile number by name, zip code, mobile company code, website URL, and category.

Great Tools To Find Phone Numbers By Name, Zip Code, Mobile Company Code, And URL

Finding the phone number of a customer is often the first and most important task for any telemarketer. Often you know the targeted industry and location but you don’t have phone numbers of customers to contact them. A targeted mobile number list is literally the backbone of a mobile marketing campaign.

There are 7.26 billion mobile users. It is not an easy task to find targeted customer mobile numbers for the targeted industry and country from 7.6 billion users. To make this work easier, we’ve listed the world’s best phone number finder tools for you.

  1. Cute Web Phone Number Extractor

Find anyone’s mobile number based on their name, website URL, zip code, and industry type, quickly and easily with Cute Web Phone Number Scraper.

To find anyone’s WhatsApp number with this phone number scraper, simply enter the person’s name, last name, zip code, or list of website URLs in the search bar. Cute Web Mobile Number Extractor will automatically find the correct mobile number for your given keywords and location from websites and search engines. The amazing thing about the phone number search tool is that you can get a phone number database for more than 195 countries from more than 66 search engines. You will get data in CSV, Excel, or Text form automatically.

Cute Web Phone Number Finder Tool can help you:

  • Find anyone’s mobile number, WhatsApp number, fax number, telephone number
  • Save you more than hundreds of hours per month for finding prospective mobile numbers
  • Increase your business sales with successful mobile marketing campaigns
  • Keep your phone number list filled up with new cell phone leads regularly
  • Automate the process of mobile number finding
  • Find bulk phone numbers on a daily basis for targeted telemarketing.
  • To find 99% accurate phone numbers of customers and businesses

Who Can Use Cute Web Phone Number Extractor?

  1. Sales Team, Freelancers, Recruiters, Telemarketers, Business Owners, sales managers, and wholesales teams
  2. For every person who doesn’t want to waste time on manual work
  3. Marketing teams that work with phone number lists

Install our Cute Web Cell Phone Number Extractor to find anyone’s mobile number in the world!

  1. Top Lead Extractor

Top Lead Extractor is a desktop application that finds verified and updated direct phone numbers and email addresses. Web Contact Extractor is one of the top players in the industry email and phone number finder tools. It offers 96% accurate data for telemarketing, text marketing, and email marketing.  With Email and Phone Number Scraper, you can search for mobile numbers by person name, company name, mobile company code, website link, or job position. You have different formats to save extracted data such as Excel, CSV, Text, etc.

Features Of Top Lead Extractor:

  • Find phone numbers and email addresses for decision-makers, influencers, advocates, telemarketers, business owners, and freelancers across 195 countries from more than 66 search engines.
  • Premium users can export data to their computers.
  • User-Friendly, Affordable, and Trusted by more than 20,000 users
  • Everyone can use it as it requires no coding to use.
  • Free users can find and scrape data but can’t export it.


Finding the phone numbers of customers is a challenging task for everyone. Having said that, you can speed up the process and make it less challenging with the help of the mobile number finder tools explained above.

By using these phone number data collection tools, you will be able to find your prospect’s mobile numbers by name, zip code, category, and website URL. You will get 99%  accurate and valid data for telemarketing and email marketing.

Why waste several days or months in manual searching for the prospect’s phone numbers while you can do this automatically by using these tools in a few hours or minutes. And you are free to use them if you need quality data of phone numbers for telemarketing, text marketing, or any other mobile marketing campaign.

However, if your goal is quality and quantity, I will definitely recommend you to use the mobile number hunter tools described in this article, no matter if you are looking to connect with customers anywhere in the world.

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