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Prep Your Villa for Cleaners!

For anyone living in a fast city, the upkeep of a villa can be quite a challenge. So, hiring a cleaning company in Dubai is a good choice for working individuals, and for people who have a busy family life. Having expert cleaning company technicians into your villa regularly to keep dirt and clutter at bay is the best way to go! Since a villa is massive, taking care of it on your own is possible but it won’t be 100%.

Expert cleaners can make sure that your villa continues to look, and smell refreshed as if you just moved in. So consider bringing them on but before you relax and let the cleaners do what they do best, it is important to know how you can make the most out of these cleaning visits.

An economical cleaning experience starts with doing a few spot-checks and tidying up different areas within the villa. This means you still leave the real cleaning to the company that you have hired for the job, but it is best to pick up items lying around so that the cleaners can focus on the cleaning.

Let’s outline some of the preparations you can do before a cleaning company expert comes, so you can get the most thorough cleaning for your villa:


Remove Clutter

We all at some point or the other leave clothes on the floor, or put off making the bed, or leave shoes lying around.

And sooner than later, the house is filled with clutter! Although cleaning company experts can help you declutter before moving to clean, we advise you to clear the clutter, so more time is spent cleaning than reorganizing.

Instead of doing it right before they arrive in one go, do it bit by bit clearing one section every day working up to the day of the cleaning company crew’s arrival.

Be Helpful

Although cleaning company technicians are experienced with working with villas, each home is different from the previous. So, it would be helpful for you both to get together and devise a cleaning plan to finish tasks more efficiently. Also, keep yourself available to provide directions on areas you would like them to focus on that will go a long way in helping them deliver the best possible service. This is by no means micromanaging but simply communicating expectations.

Be Friendly

Fostering a good friendship with cleaning experts helps create a friendly, positive environment for everyone. Having a good relationship with them will make the work more fun as well as motivate them to go above and beyond your expectations. This will not only make work more enjoyable for them but will also motivate them to go above and beyond their duties.

Secure your valuables

It is unreasonable for you to expect the cleaners to know where what items go if you do not talk them through the process during their first visit. Cleaning around a new person’s house is a complicated task, so take the time to carefully explain things so the cleaning company technicians go according to plan.

Also, store your valuables away safely, so you know where they are as well as your cleaning experts can clean across your villa with a clear mind.

Manage your expectations

It is important to manage your expectations from cleaners – washing outside windows, moving furniture, or perhaps caring for the kids may be a bit out of their scope of work. Although they may be willing to do these tasks for an additional fee, make sure to check with the cleaning company for complete clarity.

Provide feedback

Make sure to give clear, honest feedback to the cleaning company. If you noticed a cleaning process that the cleaners can improve on? Impressed with how well they cleaned your villa? Share your positive or negative feedback with the cleaning company. By doing this, you give further direction to cleaners the next time they come around and can do a better job of keeping your villa sparkling clean.

Doing small preparations before a cleaning session makes all the difference once the job is done. By giving clear instructions to the villa deep cleaning services Dubai, the cleaning job gets efficiently done across your villa.

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