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Landscape Drawing For Kids

Landscape Drawing for kids

Are you examining for an easy landscape drawing for kids? In this paper, we will guide you on drawing a landscape. Drawing a landscape can also be an essential measure for a novice. You can bring concepts from a beautiful waterfall, a mountain, a valley, or even trees and domains to draw geography. We are moving to teach you a pencil landscape drawing in this piece. The way we teach creates it comfortable for you to withdraw from a landscape. simple landscape drawing ideas

We will draw geography with a lighthouse, a rocky surface, and ocean waves. So first, let’s know what a lighthouse is. Lighthouses are tall towers with lights to show sailors their travels and wakefulness or aid them in crises. Lighthouses were the only seed of seashores to train seafarers in ancient times. Earlier lighthouses had chimneys on higher ground by the sea. But nowadays, with advancements in technology, such as radars and GPS, the importance of lighthouses has become less. Our drawing tutorial consists of 6 simple steps. You might not do a good landscape drawing on your first attempt as a beginner, but keep testing, and you’ll become a perfectionist in no time.

Step by step guide on how to draw topography

Imagine a lighthouse by the sea with pebbles all around, from a vantage point where you can also see the sea waves. Clouds and some birds construct an excellent background. Here is a step-by-step guide to drawing a landscape.

Step 1:

Draw a cylinder vertically. This cylinder should thicken down. Draw a lying line to illustrate the background, then a tiny three-dimensional pack to the left of the lighthouse that will be integrated. Draw a ground-level line and slowly alter it to a curve after the lighthouse. This will illustrate a stony mountain near the lighthouse and give the landscape plan a lovely touch. Draw two squares on top of the upper lighthouse court, which should be negligibly more minor than the one below. Draw a triangle above the boxes to represent its roof.

2nd step:

Draw a linear perpendicular line down the seat of the lighthouse. Make the adjoining building look awesome by counting a window and a vent hole. Add single-line shadows as rough crooked bends in the scene and then more additional courtesies to make the rocks look natural. Add cylindrical horizontal lines on the lighthouse, which we will color in the subsequent steps—some small boxes representing windows. Also, draw a railing or grate on the top structure of the lighthouse with a gloom line.

Step 3:

Add more points to the rocky peak near the lighthouse by drawing more little crooked curves. Also, remove a tree in front and rearward: supply blue color ocean and green color tree vapor.

Step 4:

Add gray color to the lid of the construction and green color to the trees. Add some birds to the sky with clouds by removing two similar bends.

Step 5:

Add red color to the lighthouse enclosures so that a bench after a red court is white. Lighthouses are stained to differentiate them from other buildings and be recognized by sailors.

Step 6:

Improve colors on everything. Give a down hue to the sky and a very light blue tint to the clouds to make them appear separated from the sky. Give mountains and rocks a golden brown color. Add green coloring to trees.


We’re glad this tutorial helped you learn easy landscape drawing. Otherwise, check out the tutorial video for this drawing. You can count or fire details according to your personal preferences. This will help you generate new ideas in the future. We also have many more landscape designs. You can also check them out for new ideas for your sketchbook and art gallery.

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