A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Demo Will Introduce You to These Following Benefits

Microsoft has brought both ERP and CRM together under one umbrella with the Microsoft Dynamics 365. Companies find all relevant functionalities in one solution, which integrates so many applications such as Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Project Service Automation, Field Service, Finance, Supply Chain, Business Central (ERP for small and mid-segment businesses) together to make it easy for all kinds of professionals to serve their customers better.

Moreover, since this is a Microsoft product, it seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft applications such as Outlook and Excel. What else can users ask for? They have everything at their disposal to deliver to customers what can truly be unforgettable experiences (with all the right connotations).

Given below are the following benefits ERP and CRM users will become familiar with after scheduling and going through a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Demo:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Benefits

Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets you work your way:

This means that end users can start with the apps that they want to, and then keep adding them as per their changing needs. This results in end users creating the solution they want to.

The solutions lets you discover unknown things:

That is correct. You will get to find out things about your customers you never knew before. Pre-built KPIs help get real-time updates, which means that end users get to personalize the experience for their customers to measure and track the health of customer relationships.

Dynamics 365 gives you unseen flexibility:

The solution does not have any kind of capital costs associated with it. It is available either in the form of a subscription model or has a monthly operational cost. You only pay for what is useful to you, without having to endure any additional burden that is of no use. Also, working on Dynamics 365 means that you do not have to manage your own data centers and servers.

Simple to buy and easy to use:

Microsoft is selling Dynamics 365 in such a manner that you get to buy subscriptions based on a distinct role. The solution being sold in this way eliminates the need to buy a single large license covering all roles. Dynamics 365 is easy to use because it is based on Microsoft’s new app market, AppSource. AppSource allows end users to find the apps they need and search for new apps that are helpful.

Dynamics 365 is scalable and agile:

The solution is scalable because it is available as a monthly subscription, which allows you to scale up and down as per your needs. This means you only pay for what you need. The solution is agile because it will transform the way in which you manage data daily. Critical business platforms can be brought together as the solution is based on the Microsoft Common Data Model, which is a shared business database.

The intelligent solution makes you more productive:

Dynamics 365 lets end users have real-time insights through built-in predictive analysis, Power BI, Cortana, and Azure Machine Learning. Thus, end users get to use these valuable insights to take the best decisions and use whatever tools they need to do their work. All these qualities make Dynamics 365 a people-centric platform that makes daily work easy.

Finally, it is a cloud-based solution that has robust security features and access controls for apps and data built into cloud services. These are networking connectivity, service hosting platform, user and administrator access and the physical datacenter. This should convince users of ERP and CRM to schedule a Dynamics 365 Demo at the earliest possible instance.

Summary: These benefits that have been highlighted above should be more than enough to convince you about the need to schedule a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Demo to understand the solution fully.

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